Trump paid $680,000 to three defense lawyers for their work during his second impeachment trial

Trump paid $680,000 to three defense lawyers for their work during his second impeachment trial Trump paid nearly $700,000 to three defense lawyers for their work in his defense during February’s four-day Senate Trial The House had impeached Trump for incitement of an insurrection, after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, but he was later acquitted … Read more

Runaway Texas Democrats bringing in reinforcements to DC for their voting rights pressure campaign

More than 100 state legislators started flying into Washington, D.C. on Monday to join the runaway Texas Democrats in their pressure campaign on the federal government to address voting rights issues across the country. The ‘week of action’, they are calling it, attempts to urge senators to forgo their August recess to instead pass the … Read more

Nearly 50% of GOP think ‘patriotic Americans’ will soon ‘have to take the law into their own hands’

Nearly half of Republicans believe there will be a time soon where ‘patriotic Americans’ will ‘have to take the law into their own hands,’ according to a new poll. The YouGov survey for George Washington University found that 47% of Republicans surveyed agreed with the statement there will be a time coming when ‘patriotic Americans … Read more

Biden is spending $2B to halt border wall construction as thousands of migrants cross every day

REVEALED: President Biden is spending more than $2 billion to halt border wall construction as thousands of migrants flood into the US every day President Joe Biden has spent around $2 billion in six months to suspend border wall construction, a new Republican congressional report found  The report states the administration is spending $3 million … Read more

Jen Psaki says Hunter Biden won’t be talking to ANYONE about selling his $500K paintings

The White House assured on Thursday Hunter Biden will not ‘discuss anything related to the selling of his art’ and insists the president won’t be privy to who purchases his son’s pieces. ‘He’s not going to have any conversations related to the selling of art, that will be left to the gallerist,’ President Joe Biden’s … Read more

Obama’s ethics chief SLAMS Hunter Biden ahead of the sale of his expensive paintings

A former ethics chief in the Obama administration has slammed Hunter Biden amid revelations he may meet with prospective buyers of his paintings at two upcoming art exhibits.  The exhibits – one in Los Angeles and one in New York – are scheduled for the fall, and will feature Hunter’s works shortly before they are put … Read more

House Republicans demand White House answers on Biden’s children ‘profiting’ off his presidency

House Republicans on Wednesday launched a probe of President Biden’s family members, demanding answers from the White House on their efforts to ‘profit from proximity’ to power. It follows reports that Hunter Biden’s newfound art career could see him pocket as much as $500,000 for a painting. Republicans on the House Oversight Committee accused the … Read more

Fox News commentator Brit Hume blasts Kamala Harris as ‘politically very stupid’ over voter ID row

A Fox News commentator has blasted Vice President Kamala Harris as ‘politically very stupid’ after she argued against voter ID laws, including those in some states that require a photocopy of ID to vote by mail. Harris suggested people who live in rural areas aren not able to make photocopies because they don’t have a … Read more

Fox News’ Chris Wallace confronts Texas governor over making voting ‘harder’ for people of color

The governor of Texas has been accused of attempting to make it harder for people of color to vote, after he moved to end one county’s 24 hour and drive-through voting.  Greg Abbott, a Republican, appeared on Chris Wallace’s Fox News show on Sunday morning. Republicans in state legislatures have filed scores of elections-related measures … Read more

Trump allies’ pressure campaign on Arizona election officials revealed

President Donald Trump and key allies undertook a furious campaign to try to get to Republican county election officials in Arizona as part of their election overturn effort – with the White House dialing New Year’s Eve and Rudy Giuliani phoning repeatedly. ‘POTUS will probably be calling you,’ Arizona state GOP chair Kelli Ward texted … Read more