Trump will fight any move the Treasury Department makes to turn his tax returns over to Congress

Trump’s lawyer says he will fight any move the Treasury Department makes to turn his tax returns over to House Democrats The Justice Department ordered Treasury to turn over former President Donald Trump’s tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee  ‘The Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee has invoked sufficient reasons … Read more

Runaway Texas Democrats bringing in reinforcements to DC for their voting rights pressure campaign

More than 100 state legislators started flying into Washington, D.C. on Monday to join the runaway Texas Democrats in their pressure campaign on the federal government to address voting rights issues across the country. The ‘week of action’, they are calling it, attempts to urge senators to forgo their August recess to instead pass the … Read more

James Carville says the Democratic Party pays a ‘political price’ for the ‘noisy identity left’

A strategist has hit out at the ‘noisy identity left’ Democratic minority for being too interested in ‘somebody else’s pronouns’ rather than focusing on improving lives. James Carville said the Democrats pay a ‘terrible political price’ for the actions of the left-wing minority, which he claimed only makes up around 15 per cent of the … Read more

RNC ad during MLB All-Star game slams Democrats for ‘lying’ about Georgia’s new voting laws

RNC airs ad during MLB All-Star game slamming Democrats for ‘lying’ about Georgia’s new voting laws causing game to be moved from Atlanta to Denver The MLB All-Star game was played in Denver on Tuesday night It had been scheduled to be played in Atlanta but was moved amid anger at voting laws in Georgia … Read more

Democrats will only get ONE more chance to pass Biden’s agenda after parliamentarian rules 

Democrats will only get ONE more chance to pass Biden’s agenda – including his $4trillion infrastructure plans – without Republican support, Senate parliamentarian rules Revised ruling from Senate rule-keeper appears to close possibility of multiple spending bills this year that could move on simple majority Sen. Charles Schumer had sought guidance and hoped to move … Read more

White House uses ‘Biden-Harris Administration’ tagline on official website and Twitter

White House uses ‘Biden-Harris Administration’ tagline on its official website and Twitter page in nod to VP amid President Biden’s ‘expectation’ he will seek reelection The White House uses the phrase on its web site and on social media Biden has said Harris is the ‘last voice in the room’ on decisions  He said Thursday … Read more

Biden touts COVID bill as putting ‘working people first’

President Joe Biden took a victory lap in the White House Rose Garden Friday after signing the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package the day before.  ‘For the first time in a long time, this bill puts working people in this nation first,’ Biden told a small crowd of Democratic Congressional leaders, adding the caveat that … Read more

Democrats unveil Biden’s immigration reform which gives DREAMERS status and bans the word ‘alien’

President Joe Biden unveiled his immigration plan on Thursday, a proposal that offers one of the fastest pathways to citizenship of any measure in recent years.  However, the plan doesn’t contain any details on enhanced border security, which past measures have included as a way to win Republican votes. Congressional Democrats released the legislation Thursday on Capitol … Read more

Joe Biden says every living president EXCEPT Trump has called him

Joe Biden said Tuesday he’s talked to all the living presidents with the exception of one and that he’d never been in the White House residence before even after eight years as vice president. He revealed the details about his first month as president as his 75 minute town hall with CNN came to a … Read more

Japan’s leaders let women into meetings – as long as they don’t TALK

Japan’s leaders invite women to sit in on meetings – so long as they do not TALK – days after Olympics chief quits following sexism row Leaders of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party made the proposal today They have allowed five female lawmakers to attend its all-male board meetings But the women are forbidden from … Read more