Hundreds of thousands face new NS&I tax bill

Hundreds of thousands face new NS&I tax bill over changes to Guaranteed Growth Bonds By Sylvia Morris For The Daily Mail Published: 22:00 BST, 11 May 2021 | Updated: 22:11 BST, 11 May 2021 National Savings & Investments changed the way its popular Guaranteed Growth Bonds worked two years ago Hundreds of thousands of NS&I … Read more

Government Debt Relief Order changes could help thousands more ‘freeze’ what they owe

Thousands of hard-up Britons could benefit from biggest changes to Debt Relief Orders in years… but they still face a £90 upfront fee DROs are aimed at those who struggle to pay any interest-bearing debts   They last for a year and protect borrowers from any enforcement action  However, the eligibility requirements have not been changed … Read more

Thousands face the boot in UK-India deal after Britain agrees to accept more students

Thousands face the boot in UK-India deal after Britain agrees to accept more students and talented young immigrants in exchange for increased deportations Number of illegal Indian migrants being deported from the UK is set to soar  At least 40,000 undocumented migrants from subcontinent are living in Britain The UK will accept more students and … Read more

Kim Kardashian shows off a fleet of luxury kids cars worth THOUSANDS in her garage

Kim Kardashian shows off her kids’ FLEET of luxury toy cars including mini Lamborghini and Mercedes G-Wagon in her Hidden Hills garage By Sarah Abraham For Published: 20:41 BST, 24 April 2021 | Updated: 21:03 BST, 24 April 2021 Kim Kardashian’s taste for luxury extends to the four kids she shares with estranged spouse … Read more

Eon ordered to pay back thousands in refunds to 1.6m customers

Eon rapped by watchdog after taking direct debit payments early for 1.6m customers on Christmas Eve Eon is paying back over £55,000 to customers who had payment taken early  The supplier took Direct Debit payments from many early over Christmas  It is also paying over £650,000 to the Energy Redress Fund By Grace Gausden For This … Read more

Experts reveal classic children’s books could be worth thousands

If you were a big reader when you were a child, your bookshelf could well be worth a fortune,’ according to experts.  Oxbridge Home Learning has analysed the value of hundreds of classic books, from The Hobbit to The Tale Of Peter Rabbit. The results found that if you have a True First Hardcover Edition … Read more

Port problems and stockpiling surge costs British businesses thousands in costs

British ports under pressure from Brexit and coronavirus-fuelled stockpiling surges have caused UK businesses to face vastly higher container shipping costs than those on the continent, new data suggests. Figures from the logistics company Freightos found problems affecting some of the nation’s busiest ports has meant the average cost of shipping a 40-foot container rose … Read more

Women on £1 a week ‘graduated’ state pensions could be owed tens of thousands

‘Unclaimed winning lottery tickets’: Steve Webb has helped three more women get huge state pension payouts from the Government Around 5,000 women on tiny state pensions of £1 a week could be due backpayments worth tens of thousands of pounds, former Pensions Minister Steve Webb has revealed. This small group of women might be ‘sitting … Read more

Pakistan is added to travel ban ‘red list’ as thousands race to get home to UK

Airlines lay on extra flights as thousands race to get home from Pakistan after the country gets added to travel ban ‘red list’ All arrivals landing in UK from Pakistan after 4am today will have to pay £1,750 for 11 nights of quarantine in Government-approved hotel With Pakistan likely to remain on red list for … Read more

Radio images reveal thousands of star-forming galaxies in the early universe

Ultra-sensitive radio images reveal THOUSANDS of star-forming galaxies in the early universe Researchers studied the same regions of sky repeatedly and combined the data  These long-exposure images were analysed for the faint glow of supernova   Tens of thousands of galaxies were discovered using this method By Joe Pinkstone For Mailonline Published: 13:23 BST, 7 April … Read more