Runaway Texas Democrats bringing in reinforcements to DC for their voting rights pressure campaign

More than 100 state legislators started flying into Washington, D.C. on Monday to join the runaway Texas Democrats in their pressure campaign on the federal government to address voting rights issues across the country. The ‘week of action’, they are calling it, attempts to urge senators to forgo their August recess to instead pass the … Read more

Rep. Hank Johnson is arrested on Capitol Hill during protest over voting rights

Rep. Hank Johnson has been arrested on Capitol Hill during a protest over voting rights, just one week after the detention of fellow Black Caucus member Joyce Beatty. The Democratic congressman, 66, was cuffed with zip ties by Capitol police officers outside the Hart Senate Office Building Thursday where he and other voting rights advocates had gathered … Read more

RNC ad during MLB All-Star game slams Democrats for ‘lying’ about Georgia’s new voting laws

RNC airs ad during MLB All-Star game slamming Democrats for ‘lying’ about Georgia’s new voting laws causing game to be moved from Atlanta to Denver The MLB All-Star game was played in Denver on Tuesday night It had been scheduled to be played in Atlanta but was moved amid anger at voting laws in Georgia … Read more

Fox News’ Chris Wallace confronts Texas governor over making voting ‘harder’ for people of color

The governor of Texas has been accused of attempting to make it harder for people of color to vote, after he moved to end one county’s 24 hour and drive-through voting.  Greg Abbott, a Republican, appeared on Chris Wallace’s Fox News show on Sunday morning. Republicans in state legislatures have filed scores of elections-related measures … Read more

Psaki calls Joe Manchin’s voting rights compromise a ‘step forward’

Jen Psaki says White House will look for a different path if the voting rights Senate vote fails tomorrow and calls Joe Manchin’s compromise a ‘step forward’ White House press secretary Jen Psaki called Sen. Joe Manchin’s voting rights proposal a ‘step forward’  The Senate is slated to vote to begin debate on the issue … Read more

Trump calls to ‘boycott baseball’ after MLB pulled All-Star game from Georgia over voting law 

Former President Donald Trump called on supporters to ‘boycott baseball’ as Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp blasted cancel culture after MLB pulled its All-Star Game from the state over its new voting law. Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred Jr. had announced on Friday that the league would be relocating the 2021 All-Star Game after Kemp … Read more

David Campbell says Australia should stop voting for leaders who require empathy training 

Today Extra host David Campbell has criticised Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s response to sexual assaults in Australian politics. Speaking exclusively to Daily Mail Australia at Saturday’s Hamilton premiere, the singer and TV presenter, 47, was unimpressed by the besieged politician’s speech about sexual misconduct last week. ‘I think if you have to get empathy training, … Read more

Nancy Pelosi crashes press conference to rage at ‘cowardly’ Republicans for voting to acquit Trump

Furious Nancy Pelosi crashes press conference to tear into Mitch McConnell, rage at ‘cowardly’ Republican senators for voting to acquit Trump – and shut down censure as a ‘slap on the face of the Constitution’ An animated and furious Nancy Pelosi crashed House impeachment managers’ post-trial press conference in a rage She lashed out at … Read more

Mitch McConnell claims Trump was solely responsible for MAGA riot AFTER voting to clear him

‘January 6th was a disgrace. American citizens attacked their own government. They used terrorism to try to stop a specific piece of democratic business they did not like. Fellow Americans beat and bloodied our own police. They stormed the Senate floor. They tried to hunt down the Speaker of the House. They built a gallows … Read more

‘Is my MP a p***k?’: Website rates politicians on their voting records

A new tongue-in-cheek website called ‘Is my MP a p***k?’ has attracted 250,000 visits in just four days. The website, which was set up on Sunday, allows constituents to search their MP’s name and rates politicians based on their voting records.  While all Tories are branded ‘p***ks’ by the website, the majority of Labour, SNP … Read more