Trump appeals to Facebook’s supreme court to rejoin

Afia Asantewaa Asare-Kyei – A human rights advocate who works on women’s rights, media freedom and access to information issues across Africa at the Open Society Initiative for West Africa. Evelyn Aswad – A University of Oklahoma College of Law professor who formerly served as a senior State Department lawyer and specializes in the application … Read more

Facebook’s Reality Labs share pioneering AR audio technology work

Facebook has been going all in on augmented reality but the company isn’t just focused on what we see.  In a post, the social media firm peeled back the curtain on Facebook Reality Labs’ pioneering work developing audio-enhancing technology. Their goal is to perfect ‘audio presence,’ where sounds from speakers, headphones or other devices are … Read more

Zuckerberg warned Trump and lawmakers about the dangers of Facebook’s rival TikTok

Mark Zuckerberg spent September and October last year warning about the dangers posted by rival tech giant TikTok in what, according to a report on Sunday evening, was a deliberate attempt to turn Washington against the Beijing-owned company, almost a year before he launched his own version of it with Reels.  TikTok has gained more … Read more

Facebook’s algorithm is ‘actively promoting’ Holocaust denial content

Facebook has been accused of ‘actively promoting’ Holocaust denial on its platform, in a new report by a British think-tank. Researchers from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, which works to counter extremism, found that people who had ‘liked’ Holocaust denial content on Facebook were directed to more of the same by the site’s algorithm. The … Read more

Zuckerberg says half of Facebook’s 50,000 staff can work from home permanently

Great start, Mark! Livestream of Zuckerberg’s staff address on allowing HALF Facebook’s 50,000 employees to work permanently from home cuts OUT Zuckerberg’s livestream feed cut off while he was discussing the future of Facebook’s 50,000-person workforce Thursday morning  During the video, Zuckerberg said he believes that by 2030 half of company employees will be working … Read more

‘Facebook sucks’: Elon Musk hits back at Facebook’s VP of artificial intelligence on Twitter

Elon Musk gave a simple response to the vice president of artificial intelligence at Facebook after being questioned about his knowledge of the technology – ‘Facebook sucks.’ The blunt response was to a tweet posted by Jerome Pesenti, who criticized the billionaire’s warnings about the dangers of artificial general intelligence (AGI). ‘I believe a lot … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg discusses Facebook’s new COVID-19 tracking site

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Monday unveiled a coronavirus ‘heat map’ powered by Facebook data which is aimed at helping track the spread of the disease and plan for reopening society. The map developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University offers ‘real-time indications of COVID-19 activity not previously available from any other source,’ according to … Read more

Facebook’s diversity recruiter is suing the social media giant for $100 MILLION for discrimination

A former recruiter at Facebook hired to diversify its workforce has filed a $100m lawsuit against the social media giant, alleging she was discriminated against based on her race and disability, as well as harassed. Anastasia Boone Talton and her legal representatives filed the complaint against Facebook with California’s Superior Court of San Mateo on 17 … Read more

Facebook’s fraud detection system helped the company take down more than 6.5 BILLION fake accounts

Facebook’s new fraud detection system helped the company take down more than 6.5 BILLION fake accounts in 2019 A new report from Facebook reveals how the company is fighting fake accounts The company has developed a machine-learning tool to analyze user accounts It also analyzes the activity of an accounts friends to determine authenticity By … Read more