Streaming algorithm is ‘more likely to pick music by male artists’

Founded as a small start-up firm just 14 years ago, Spotify has quickly risen to take the music world by storm. From its humble beginnings, the music streaming service, which boasts a library of 60million songs, now has a staggering 320million monthly active users and is worth an estimated $23billion. The meteoric rise began in … Read more

Instagram updates Reels recommendation algorithm to de-rank clips with TikTok watermarks

Instagram takes a jab at TikTok by updating its Reels recommendation algorithm to de-rank clips with its competitor’s watermarks Instagram is updated its Reels recommendation algorithm The algorithm will not promote Reels that have a TikTok watermark The firm says its users do not enjoy seeing recycled content on the platform  Instagram has been trying … Read more

Tories hail U-turn on ‘mutant algorithm’ after shires planning revolt

Tories hail U-turn on ‘mutant algorithm’ that sparked fears of planning free-for-all in the shires as Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick says shift WON’T wreck target of building 300,000 new homes a year Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt led the revolt against the  planning algorithm  Housing Secretary announced algorithm had been tweaked to include the North  … Read more

Army-funded algorithm decodes brain signals responsible for behaviors like walking and breathing

A machine learning algorithm has shown the ability to link specific behaviors, such as walking and breathing, to their related brain signals – a first step to developing brain-machine interfaces. The algorithm, funded by the US Army, was tested on two monkeys that made various arm and eye movements. The technology successfully isolated the neural … Read more

Meghan Markle looks ‘more trustworthy’ than the Queen, face scanning algorithm reveals

Meghan Markle ‘looks more trustworthy’ than the Queen when comparing their faces, authors of a new study into changes in portraits over 500 years claim. Experts from PSL Research University created an algorithm that scans faces in painted portraits and photographs to determine the trustworthiness of the person.  The authors used the trustworthiness tool to discover … Read more

Twitter investigates its ‘racist’ photo preview algorithm

Twitter is looking into allegations that its algorithm which chooses a preview image for a large photo is racially biased.  Tests of the algorithm done by users on the social media site over the weekend led to several examples of a preference for white faces from the automated system.  Hundreds of thousands of retweets grabbed … Read more

Algorithm makes self-driving cars ‘accident-proof’, scientists claim

An algorithm makes self-driving cars ‘accident-proof’ as long as other human drivers on the road act responsibly, scientists claim.   German researchers developed the algorithm with data collected from vehicles in the real-world and tested it in computer simulations.   Assuming that other traffic drivers follow the rules of the road, the algorithm can take into account … Read more

Now algorithm for US gets UK’s £31bn ‘tax gap’ all wrong

Algorithm created for US tax system gets UK’s £31bn ‘tax gap’ all wrong UK uses software developed by Internal Revenue Service to calculate tax gap Revenue & Customs is now working on major changes to the calculation  By Dan Atkinson For The Mail On Sunday Published: 22:17 BST, 5 September 2020 | Updated: 22:17 BST, … Read more

Ofqual chief says adopting results algorithm was a ‘fundamental mistake’

The chairman of Ofqual today claimed Gavin Williamson was urged not to cancel exams and the A-level results debacle had ‘rapidly’ got out of control under the leadership of the Education Secretary.  Roger Taylor told the Education Select Committee that earlier this year the regulator had made clear to Mr Williamson that it believed the … Read more

AI algorithm discovers FIFTY new exoplanets orbiting far-off stars by analyzing NASA data

AI algorithm discovers FIFTY new exoplanets orbiting far-off stars by analyzing NASA data – with some larger than Neptune Scientists developed a machine learning algorithm to find exoplanets The system scoured through thousands of candidates and validated 50 planets This is the first time artificial intelligence has validated exoplanets The team says the new planets … Read more