Social media users on Prince Harry’s claim about Archie’s first word

Social media users have raised doubts over Prince Harry’s claim that his son Archie’s first word was ‘crocodile.’   During a chat with James Corden, when asked what Archie’s first word was, the Duke of Sussex said: ‘Crocodile, three syllables.’   Corden replied: ‘Crocodile? That’s a big word.’ But critics appear baffled, with some demanding ‘proof’ that 21-month-old … Read more

Social media: Users who are desperate for likes are ‘similar to lab RATS seeking food’, study claims

Social media users who are desperate for likes ‘have thinking patterns similar to lab RATS seeking food’, study claims Experts from the US and Europe studied some one million social media posts They found that people tend to space their posts to maximise ‘likes’ in response This involves posting more on average when you get more … Read more

Social media users reveal why they’re ready to live alone

It’s not always good to share! People reveal their housemates’ most inconsiderate moments – including BITING into the butter People from around the world contributed their photographs to Bored Panda One person shared their disgust with their dad because he bites in to the butter Another individual shared how his wife always overloads the dishwasher  … Read more

Twitter relaunches feature on iOS that encourages users to revise ‘potentially harmful’ posts

Stop and think before you send that tweet! Twitter relaunches feature on iOS that encourages users to revise ‘potentially harmful’ replies Twitter has relaunched a feature that encourages users to revise tweets If its AI detects harmful language, a notification will appear to revise the context The roll out is currently an experiment on iOS, which … Read more

Pregnant huntsman spider takes up residence on traffic lights, horrifies social media users

Is this Australia’s biggest huntsman? Terrifying moment a tradie finds a huge spider on a set of traffic lights A tradie has stumbled upon a gigantic huntsman spider in Alice Springs, NT Joel Hogan was working on a set of traffic lights when he spotted the spider The photograph was uploaded to Facebook and has … Read more

Social media users celebrate the landing of NASAs Perseverance rover on the Red Planet

NASA has landed a rover on Mars, and social media users including Bill Nye, Mike Pence and Buzz Aldrin have celebrated the remarkable achievement. This was a particularly difficult landing for the US space agency as they were touching down in the Jezero crater – littered with obstacles including jagged rocks. Taking to Twitter, users … Read more

‘Is it the new Black Mirror ad?’ Twitter users mock Home Office’s new Stay At Home warning video

Twitter users have criticised The Home Office’s new ‘Stay at Home’ warning video for being ‘aggressive’, comparing the messaging to an advert for Netflix’s Black Mirror and even the Gestapo.  The video, posted to Twitter by the ministerial department yesterday, urges people to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic and features a series of police raids on illegal … Read more

TikTok users uncover 1983 CIA report about ‘Gateway Experience’ phenomenon

TikTok users have uncovered a bewildering CIA report from nearly four decades ago which describes the agency’s belief that humans can transcend space and time using a technique called The Gateway Experience.  The report entitled Analysis and Assessment of The Gateway Process was penned in 1983 by US Army Lieutenant Colonel Wayne M McDonnell.  McDonnell … Read more

British American Tobacco adds three million more modern product users

British American Tobacco adds three million more vaping and oral product users as sales of tobacco continue to plunge BAT’s revenues dipped 0.4% to £25.78bn, partly due to falling tobacco demand The group is aiming to achieve £5billion in sales from new categories by 2025 Travel curbs and South Africa’s temporary ban on tobacco sales hit … Read more

Tinder prints users’ profiles on food delivery boxes

The dating scene is trickier to navigate than ever in the midst of lockdown, but now some brave singletons have opted for a unique approach to standing out from the crowd in the hope of finding a Valentine’s Day match.  This weekend, 30 daters from around the UK will have their Tinder bios printed on … Read more