Rochdale has the nation’s worst learner drivers, statistics reveal

Rochdale has the nation’s worst learner drivers, with just 31 per cent managing to pass their driving test, figures reveal Rochdale boasts the nation’s worst learner drivers, official statistics say  Novice motorists in Erith, South-East London, had the second-worst pass rate Other locations in the table include Leeds, Wolverhampton and Wanstead By David Jarvis For The … Read more

M4 misery for thousands of drivers stuck in TWO-HOUR queues in stifling 83F heat

So much for the summer getaway! M4 misery for thousands of drivers stuck in TWO-HOUR queues in stifling 83F heat after lorry fire forces closure of major motorway in both directions Holidaymakers hoping for a prompt getaway ahead of weekend met with misery Both eastbound and westbound M4 carriageways between J14 and J15 closed  Travellers … Read more

Police in the last 5 years have referred 1,400 drivers to the DVLA

Police in the last five years referred 1,400 drivers to DVLA because they couldn’t read a number plate from 20 metres – and 97% had licences revoked From 2016-2020, 1,486 drivers failed roadside eyesight tests when pulled over Police reported these drivers to the DVLA and 1,436 had licences revoked Some 241 referrals were issued … Read more

Mt Druitt teen charged with posing as a fake police officer and pulling over unsuspecting drivers

Fake police car with red and blue flashing lights performs ‘terrifying stop on an unsuspecting young driver’ – before she escaped the ‘gun and knife-wielding teens’ Teenager is accused of impersonating a police officer over incident in Sydney It is claimed that the teen and an accomplice used blue and red flashing lights They then … Read more

Motorway drivers in Kent forced to slam brakes as woman takes stroll towards oncoming M20 traffic

Motorway drivers are forced to slam on their brakes as woman takes casual stroll towards oncoming traffic and refuses to move aside Shocking footage shows woman walk in front of moving cars on M20 motorway  Drivers blast their horns as the woman stands in front and refuses to move aside Bizarre incident was caught on … Read more

Unmarked NSW police car busts unsuspecting drivers who ignored a no right turn sign

Infuriating moment a sneaky unmarked police car circles an intersection THREE times trying to catch out motorists before finally pulling over an unlucky driver Unmarked patrol vehicle captured following three separate cars  Hatchback is busted for disobeying a no right turn sign at an intersection  Disobeying a no right hand turn sign is punishable by … Read more

Crackdown on rubbish drivers! Selfish motorists are told to stop using roads as a dump

Thoughtless drivers are putting lives and wildlife in danger and blighting the countryside by discarding tons of rubbish. To cope with the tsunami of trash, special teams from Highways England risk their lives collecting thousands of bags of litter from roadsides. Now the agency – which looks after the nation’s motorways and A-roads and carries … Read more

Drivers urged to download app that can track insect populations by counting splats on number plates

The world has experienced five mass extinctions over the course of its history, and experts claim we are seeing another one happen right now.    A 2017 research paper claimed a ‘biological annihilation’ of wildlife in recent decades has triggered the sixth mass extinction and says the planet is heading towards a ‘global crisis’.  Scientists warn … Read more

Uber and the GMB union announce ‘groundbreaking’ agreement to boost rights for the firm’s drivers

Ride-hailing giant Uber announced a ‘groundbreaking’ agreement with one of Britiain’s biggest trade unions to boost the rights of the firm’s drivers. Under the collective bargaining agreement, the GMB union will represent Uber’s 70,000 drivers in the UK in a move which could pave the way for a ‘fairer working life’ for millions of workers.  … Read more