Ruined endangered Unesco sites from Palmyra to Jerusalem are virtually rebuilt before your very eyes

Standby, we are going to take you back in time. Architects and engineers have deployed digital wizardry to show what several endangered Unesco sites would have looked like had they been fully preserved – to highlight their significance and underscore their sheer majesty.  Scroll down to see the incredible digital makeovers, from the spectacular ancient … Read more

£2bn Stonehenge tunnel plan ‘scrapped’ after UNESCO survey

Two mile tunnel underneath Stonehenge is set to be scrapped over funding problems after survey uncovered issues that could send costs soaring to £2billion Controversial plans to tunnel under Stonehenge are set to be scrapped  The A303 upgrade in Wiltshire involves work around the World Heritage Site  Planners wanted to dig a £2bn 1.8 mile … Read more