Know your onions: Don’t miss out on nutritious ‘piquant’ vegetables in your plot later this year 

Know your onions: Don’t miss out on nutritious ‘piquant’ vegetables in your plot later this year Nigel Colborn shares advice for growing garlic, shallots and piquant vegetables British gardening expert says garlic is best planted in autumn or late winter  He advises against being tempted to plant supermarket varieties   By Nigel Colborn for the Daily … Read more

Adding MSG to nutritious foods without adding salt ‘could encourage healthier eating habits’

Putting MSG in grains and vegetables will improve the flavour and encourage healthier eating as people won’t add as much salt to their food, researchers claim. A new study by researchers from the University of California, Davis, investigated the impact of substituting salt for MSG (or umami seasoning) can have on eating habits. They found … Read more

Insects are gorging themselves on ‘junk’ as rising CO2 levels make plants less nutritious 

Grasshoppers are gorging themselves on the equivalent of ‘junk food’ as rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere make plants less nutritious, a study has found.  Experts studying a grassland preserve in Kansas discovered that its grasshopper numbers have fallen by more than 30 per cent over the last two decades. Increasing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide … Read more

Lettuces grown on the ISS are more nutritious than those grown on Earth

Astronauts discovered that lettuces grown on board the International Space Station hold more nutritional value than ones grown on Earth. This is a major breakthrough for future deep space missions according to microbiologists at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida who lead the experiment. The successful cultivation of the edible plant brings the colonisation of Mars … Read more