Robots: Hyundai is using Boston Dynamics’ Spot to patrol its motor plants in South Korea

Spot turns watchdog! Hyundai is using Boston Dynamics’ four-legged robot to patrol its motor plants in South Korea Hyundai has upgraded Spot with new sensors, AI and autonomous navigation The robot will work to monitor factory safety and support night security patrols Spot will first be trialled in one factory before being deployed to work in others  Hyundai purchased … Read more

Robots: Boston Dynamics unveils new warehouse machine that can shift up to 800 boxes per hour 

Boston Dynamics first showed off SpotMini, the most advanced robot dog ever created, in a video posted in November 2017. The firm, best known for Atlas, its 5 foot 9 (1.7 metre) humanoid robot, has revealed a new ‘lightweight’ version of its robot Spot Mini. The robotic canine was shown trotting around a yard, with … Read more

Boston Dynamics builds robotic Dr. Spot to help physicians do triage without seeing patients

A dog-like mobile robot named Dr. Spot could advance medical treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing a new connection between patients in isolation and doctors who need to see them. The four-legged robot is designed to help evaluations by having the canine machine with a video camera, which is connected to a physician, visit … Read more

Boston Dynamics reveals updates to its robot dog – including a fifth limb

US robotics firm Boston Dynamics has revealed a new product line for Spot, its flagship robotic dog that retails at $75,000 (about £60,000).  The new products include a self-charging version of the dog, called Enterprise Spot, as well as Spot Arm – a fifth limb that can grasp, carry and drag different objects. Also announced is … Read more

Boston Dynamics’ robot dog shows off its fifth limb in new video

Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog, affectionately called Spot, has shown off its fifth limb in new footage. Video released by the secretive US firm shows Spot picking up dirty laundry, using a skipping rope, doing the gardening and operating machinery in a warehouse using the new addition.  Spot, which is suited for indoor or outdoor use, … Read more

Boston Dynamics’ robots twist and mash potato as they dance to The Contour’s ‘Do You Love Me’

Boston Dynamics typically shares videos of its robots climbing stairs, jumping onto blocks or carrying heavy objects, but the latest clip involves the crew showing off their dance moves. Set to The Contours ‘Do You Love Me,’ the choreographed dance features humanoid Atlas, Spot the robot dog and box-juggling Handle. During the two minute and … Read more

Lily James discusses male-female power dynamics and finding comedy in trauma

Lily James and Armie Hammer have discussed their forthcoming film Rebecca, in the wake of the actress’ Dominic Cooper canoodling scandal.  In an interview with Ali Plumb on Radio 1’s Movies podcast, the actress, 31, mused over the ‘addictive thriller romance love story’ they have starred in, and also discussed the importance of finding comedy … Read more

Coronavirus US: Boston Dynamics’ robot dog detects symptoms

A hospital in Massachusetts has found another job for Spot, Boston Dynamics’ dog-like robot: Doctor. The yellow-and-black quadruped has been proven able to take patients’ vital signs from a distance of over six feet. That could allow healthcare workers to keep a safe distance from patients who may be infected with the coronavirus or other … Read more

Meet Fluffy! Ford hires Boston Dynamics’ robot dog to scan its Michigan manufacturing plant

Meet Fluffy! Ford hires Boston Dynamics’ robot dog to scan its Michigan manufacturing plant with lasers to help employees retool Ford has leased two of Boston Dynamics’ four-legged robot dogs  The bots will use lasers and cameras to scan facilities to help with retooling  One has been nicknamed Fluffy and the other kept the original … Read more

Boston Dynamics’ robot dog inspects SpaceX site in Texas

Footage has emerged of one of Boston Dynamics’ robotic dogs patrolling a SpaceX test site in the US. The video allegedly shows SpaceX using the $75,000 (£60,000) robotic dog to inspect the aftermath of its test site in Boca Chica, Texas. SpaceX had just been conducting a cryogenic pressure test on the Starship SN7 dome … Read more