Astronomers capture stunning images of nearby galaxies looking like cosmic fireworks

Stunning images of nearby galaxies revealing the locations of young stars as the gas warms up around them have been captured by astronomers. The new observations resemble colourful cosmic fireworks, and were obtained with the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile.  Images show different components of the galaxies in distinct colours, allowing astronomers … Read more

Physics: Scientists capture the highest EVER resolution images of atoms

Researchers have broken the record for the highest resolution image ever captured of individual atoms, creating a shot that is ‘zoomed in’ some 100 million times. These images are so fine-tuned, in fact, that the blurring remaining in the shot is the product solely of the thermal jiggling of the atoms themselves. The breakthrough by … Read more

Stunning pictures capture the moment water cascades down the sides of Uluru

Stunning photos capture the rare moment water cascades down the sides of Uluru as the Northern Territory is hit by torrential rain Rock formations of iconic tourist attraction Uluru has transformed into stunning cascading waterfalls Comes after almost almost 50mm of rain fell in Northern Territory’s Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park last week Tourists have flocked to … Read more

Mother, 46, sketches a doodle a day in her diary for a YEAR to capture life in the pandemic

A mother has sketched a daily doodle in her diary to document a whole year of family life while in lockdown. Mother-of-three Angie Stevens, 46, from Swansea, South Wales, has been putting pen to paper in her garden shed to sketch her way through the pandemic. The diary documents the changes in day-to-day life since … Read more

Scientists capture the highest resolution images of a single MOLECULE of DNA

The highest resolution images of a single molecule of DNA ever captured have been taken by a team of scientists, and they show atoms ‘dancing’ as they twist and writhe. Researchers from Sheffield, Leeds and York universities combined advanced atomic microscopy with supercomputer simulations to create videos of the molecules. The resolution combined with the … Read more

Escapee emu tries to peck way into a police car after officers sent to try and capture 5ft high bird

Falling fowl of the law! Escapee emu tries to peck its way into a police car after officers were sent to try and capture 5ft high bird  Flightless fugitive was spotted wandering around village near Lowestoft, Suffolk  Police were sent to track down and capture 5ft high adult male bird named Skiff  Soon after, the … Read more

Elon Musk offers $100m prize for best carbon capture technology idea

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has offered up a $100million reward as a prize for the best carbon capture technology idea.  Carbon capture technology is a field of research which seeks to remove carbon dioxide, a key greenhouse gas, from the atmosphere.  It has been actively investigated for several years but very little progress has been made … Read more

Disappointed customers capture hilarious images of the most bizarre advertising tricks and fails

Buyers beware! Customers share their disappopintment after the packaging didn’t live up to its promise It is true to say that customers don’t always get what they pay for  People from across globe shared bizarre advertising tricks they’ve encountered Snaps shared by Bored Panda include very lacklustre ball pit and over-sized USB By Raven Saunt … Read more

Time to move out! Hilarious social media snaps capture VERY questionable interior design decisions

House of horrors! Hilarious snaps capture VERY questionable interior design decisions – from a toilet with carpeted walls to a staircase that’s missing half its steps Bizarre interior design decisions are captured in these hilarious photographs  Include a downstairs bathroom with hairy walls and a wavy doorway One kitchen features a fridge that doesn’t touch … Read more

Satellite images capture North Korean soldiers standing in formation

A North Korean parade has spelled out the message ‘defend with your life’ in a Pyongyang square in an apparent rehearsal ahead of a party congress in January.   Satellite imagery showed the propaganda phrase being spelled out in Korean by people standing in formation and holding up red placards in Kim Il-sung Square.  The think-tank … Read more