The shoddy service backlash: We name and shame the worst offenders 

Money Mail readers have spoken. And you are truly sick of terrible customer service. Last month we called on Britain’s biggest companies to stop using the virus crisis as an excuse for letting customers down.  It came six months into lockdown as we found 50 major companies still blaming call-waiting times, refund delays or reduced … Read more

Officials admit plan for tougher sentencing for worst offenders will cost £385,000 per inmate 

£1bn bill to keep serious criminals in jail for longer: Officials admit plan for tougher sentencing for worst offenders will cost £385,000 per inmate An extra £1billion will be spent to keep serious criminals in prison for longer Sexual and violent offenders will serve at least two thirds rather than half a term Justice Secretary … Read more

Police get new stop and search powers to target repeat offenders

Police officers will receive new powers allowing them to stop and search criminals previously convicted of carrying a weapon, under Government plans to tackle knife crime.  The Home Office is proposing to use Serious Violence Reduction Orders (SVROs) to imprison repeat offenders who are caught carrying a knife or offensive weapon – including those who have … Read more

£3,200 fines for shunning face masks: Payment of £100 will keep on doubling for repeat offenders

Repeatedly refusing to wear a face mask could lead to a fine of up to £3,200, Boris Johnson announced last night. At present those who do not cover their faces in shops or on public transport can be ordered to pay a penalty of £100 – or £50 if they pay within a fortnight. But … Read more

From How To Build A Girl to The Young Offenders and Burton & Taylor: This week’s best on demand TV

AMAZON PRIME  How To Build A Girl  In 2014, Caitlin Moran’s novel How To Build A Girl became a bestseller. Based loosely on her own experiences, it tells the story of teenager Johanna Morrigan, who decides to reinvent herself as rock music critic Dolly Wilde, complete with outlandish clothes, dyed hair and a top hat.  … Read more

Priti Patel’s deportation promise thrown into doubt by failures to secure the removal of offenders 

So much for your great deportation crackdown, Priti Patel! Home Secretary’s promise thrown into doubt by new failures to secure the removal of offenders Priti Patel promised to crack down of foreign criminals dodging deportation The Mail on Sunday can reveal cases that demonstrate the urgent need for the new fast-track deportation legislation promised the … Read more

‘Criminally hot’ female offenders pose in mugshots

‘Hot Felon’ Jeremy Meeks built a career for himself after his famed mugshot went viral for his chiseled good looks.   Now there’s a whole Instagram and Twitter account entitled ‘Mugshawtys’ dedicated to documenting attractive felon fatales that boasts nearly 200,000 followers.  The page posts mugshots of female offenders with model-like good looks wearing expertly applied … Read more