Labrador rescued by RNLI lifeboat crew in Northumberland

Moment Labrador is rescued from the freezing North Sea by a lifeboat crew after chasing his ball into the water Shaddah the Labrador chased his ball into the North Sea in Seaton Sluice A RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew was launched during the Norhumberland rescue The pet was washed out more than 200 metres from shore … Read more

Northumberland homeowners outrage after foul sewer bursts in their estate

Horrified homeowners are confronted with ‘river of sewage’ running down driveways of their £260,000 new-builds after days of rain causes manhole covers to overflow Kimberley Bourton, 46, moved into her new home with husband Lee in August She claims the new-build estate in Northumberland is blighted with problems  Shocking video shows raw effluent flowing out … Read more

Northumberland security camera videos meteor streaking across sky

Incredible moment security camera captures meteor streaking across sky before exploding into fireball above Northumberland Couple got text alert from their security camera over ‘suspicious movement ‘  Ruth Rose, 25, and Mark Newson, 26, were stunned at the fotage over their home The clip shows a meteor known as a bolide crashing into earth and … Read more

Britain’s most spectacular wildlife experiences, from Norfolk to Northumberland

The popularity of incredible wildlife documentaries by world-famous conservationists such as Sir David Attenborough means many of us have become familiar with exotic creatures in their natural habitats, or even have been inspired to encounter them for real on far-flung holidays. But while we may be able to tell a leopard from a cheetah, we … Read more

Remains of WWII defences built to repel Nazi invasion reappear on Northumberland beach

Eerie remains of WWII defences reappear on Northumberland beach more than 80 years after they were built to repel a Nazi invasion Remains unearthed on Blyth Beach, Northumberland after heavy rain and storms Photographer Keith Armstrong captured the eerie sight while walking his dog  The sea defences were installed along the east coast of the … Read more

Scots are warned to avoid all but essential travel across border into Northumberland

Scots have been warned to avoid all but essential travel across the border into Northumberland after tough new Covid restrictions were announced for North East England. Dr Keith Allan, the NHS Borders director of public health, said travel was only recommended for ‘essential purposes’ including school and work, reported The Scotsman.  Tough new measures to … Read more

Duke and Duchess of Northumberland recruit BOUNCERS at Alnwick Castle, made famous by Harry Potter

Alnwick Castle, a 150-room, heavily crenellated, many-towered magnificence perched on a rocky outcrop above the River Aln in Northumberland, is the second-largest privately inhabited castle after Windsor — and it bears the scars of centuries. There are musket pockmarks, made by Oliver Cromwell’s army, in the yellow sandstone. In the main entrance, a maroon board … Read more

Escape the crowds: Six unsung UK National Parks for serene hikes, from Exmoor to Northumberland

There are an extraordinary 15 National Parks in the UK and as wonderful as the likes of the Lake District, New Forest and Snowdonia decidedly are for walkers, they can get rather busy.  If you prefer more serenity during a hike, head instead to one of the UK’s six less famous National Parks. Not only … Read more

People in Northumberland and South Tyneside are most reluctant to go to the dentist, NHS reveals 

Geordies’ teeth left chattering! People in Northumberland and South Tyneside are most reluctant to go to the dentist, NHS survey reveals Six per cent of people across England admit to feeling an aversion to the dentist But the figure was the highest in Northumberland and in South Tyneside Results emerged from GP patient survey of … Read more