BAFTA 2021 Film Awards: Celeste turns heads in green glove dress ahead of lilac gown for performance

SUPPORTING ACTRESS  NIAMH ALGAR Calm With Horses KOSAR ALI Rocks MARIA BAKALOVA Borat Subsequent Moviefilm DOMINIQUE FISHBACK Judas and the Black Messiah ASHLEY MADEKWE County Lines YUH-JUNG YOUN Minari – WINNER SUPPORTING ACTOR  DANIEL KALUUYA Judas and the Black Messiah – WINNER BARRY KEOGHAN Calm With Horses ALAN KIM Minari LESLIE ODOM JR. One Night … Read more

Smart glove translates sign language into speech in seconds

Scientists have created a glove that translates sign language into speech in a matter of seconds through a smartphone app. The hi-tech glove sends electronic signals generated from different movements of the fingers to a circuit board, which are then transmitted wirelessly to the phone.  The app translates letters from movements on one hand, as … Read more

PPE shambles: Exposé claims ministers counted each glove INDIVIDUALLY instead of in pairs

The Government’s shambolic handling of the PPE crisis was laid bare last night after a documentary claimed ministers counted every glove individually instead of in pairs to boast of delivering one billion bits of protective kit to NHS staff. A BBC Panorama investigation revealed Number 10 had failed to buy enough masks, gowns, visors and … Read more

Scientists develop glove that taps into the semi-conscious mind to harness creativity of our dreams

Dreams are stories and images that are created during a period of sleep. They can tell a convoluted story of anything which resembles deep-rooted fears to ambitious dreams.  They are somewhat of an enigma to scientists as how they occur and what causes them is still an emerging field.  Though a few people may not … Read more

Astronauts could wear a space glove fitted with a range-finding laser

ESA reveals a concept space glove for future astronauts that would allow them to control rovers with a flick of the wrist – and it also comes with a laser range-finder Concept glove was created to show the potential of future spacesuit material Includes an in-built laser range-finder for objects on the moon or other planets   Gesture … Read more