NHS executive fired after complaining her colleagues ‘kept breathing on her’ was unfairly dismissed

NHS executive who was fired after complaining her colleagues ‘kept breathing on her’ was unfairly dismissed, tribunal rules Gifty Poku accused her colleagues of making ‘distracting noises’ near her desk She was accused of ‘regularly’ blowing air back at members of staff Mrs Poku was deputy head of corporate accounts at Barts Health NHS Trust  … Read more

UCLA runner is dismissed from cross country team after racist, homophobic video, text message

UCLA’s Chris Weiland has been dismissed from the school’s cross country and track teams after he apparently used the N-word as well as homophobic and sexist slurs in a video and a text message. Weiland was previously suspended from the team over the text message and video, coach Avery Anderson confirmed Tuesday, but he was … Read more

Dismissed Eton master claims school rigged an appeal panel against him

Eton master who was dismissed after voicing his views about patriarchy on YouTube claims the school rigged an appeal panel against him Will Knowland, 37, was dismissed after he refused to take down an online lecture In it, he addressed radical feminism and the concept of ‘toxic masculinity’ Mr Knowland was dismissed from his role … Read more

Harvard professor Steven Pinker WITHDRAWS support for dismissed Eton tutor

Harvard professor Steven Pinker WITHDRAWS support for dismissed Eton tutor after admitting he hadn’t watched controversial ‘gender roles’ lecture before defending him Harvard professor Steven Pinker has withdrawn his support for Will Knowland Psychology expert rushed to defence of dismissed Eton English tutor last month But he admitted he had not initially watched Mr Knowland’s … Read more

Lieutenant Colonel who squeezed bottom of fellow officer’s wife is dismissed from Army

A high-ranking officer was today dismissed from the Army for sexually assaulting a colleague’s ‘vulnerable’ wife by squeezing her bottom while she was at hospital with her severely injured son. Lieutenant Colonel Gordon Edwards was standing in a queue at the hospital’s coffee shop when he ‘tried his luck’ because he thought he could ‘get … Read more

Donald Trump appeals after federal judge dismissed his Pennsylvania election lawsuit

President Donald Trump is appealing a federal judge’s dismissal of his campaign’s effort to block the certification of votes in Pennsylvania. The president and other plaintiffs filed notice of appeal to the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Sunday, a day after the judge issued a scathing order shooting down claims of widespread irregularities … Read more

Queen was not told before Australian PM dismissed,…

The Queen’s representative in Australia dismissed Prime Minister Gough Whitlam in 1975 ‘without informing the Palace in advance’ as decades of rumours that Her Majesty ordered his sacking were quashed in 200-plus letters kept secret until today.   Her Majesty’s alleged role in the removal of Mr Whitlam, who had failed to pass a budget and … Read more

Police officer dismissed for attacking man mocking his baldness

Shocking moment police officer attacks drunk pub goer after he teased him for being BALD – as PC is convicted of assault and sacked from force PC Jonathan Reynolds has been relieved of his duties after rough handling  Footage showed him using excessive force outside Castle Vaults pub, Newtown Jamie Cruse, 27, was intoxicated and … Read more

Woman, 23, has been left wheelchair bound after doctors dismissed her stroke symptoms as anxiety 

A woman says she has been left reliant on a wheelchair after doctors dismissed her stroke symptoms as anxiety. Drewy NovaClara Curious felt numb while driving with her husband Avery in June last year. The now 23-year-old went to hospital, where doctors spent hours trying to uncover what was wrong. They eventually sent her home, saying … Read more