Noel Gallagher responds to claims he rejected £100m offer for Oasis reunion

Noel Gallagher took to Twitter to respond to his brother Liam’s claim that he turned down a £100m offer of an Oasis reunion.

The Oasis reunion rumours began on Monday 3 February when Liam tweeted: “We’ve been offered 100 million pounds for a tour still not enough for the greedy soul oh well stay young LG.”

Just minutes earlier, Liam had tweeted: “Wahey we’re getting back together” and that “rich as f*** Noel” was “doing it for nothing”, while Liam, being “desperate”, was doing it for the money.

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In response, Noel wrote to his millions of followers: “To whoever might be arsed: I am not aware of any offer from anybody for any amount of money to reform the legendary Mancunian Rock’n’Roll group Oasis”,

He continued: “I am fully aware though that someone has a single to promote so that’s maybe where the confusion lies”.

Both brothers have enjoyed successful solo careers since Oasis split in 2009. 

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1/20 Liam sides with Lewis Capaldi – June 2019

Following a spat between Noel and singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi in which Gallagher branded Capaldi as “Chewbacca”, Liam took a picture with the new talent backstage at Glastonbury to get up his brother’s nose

Lewis Capaldi / Instagram

2/20 “Fat man in an anorak” – June 2019

Responding to demands that he play Oasis classics at his solo concerts, Noel wrote in a column in WiredUK that “If they want to hear old Oasis songs, they’re being played by a fat man in an anorak somewhere,” referring to Liam’s concerts


3/20 “Never been so embarrassed for another man” – August 2019

Speaking to The Guardian about Liam’s recent performance at Glastonbury, Noel said: “I don’t think I’ve ever been so embarrassed for a man in my entire life. He’s pulled off the incredible magic trick of making those Oasis songs sound weedy and thin. And he looked like he was having the worst day of his life, walking around in what looks like a pair of my son’s pyjamas, shouting into a mic about some perceived injustice … if you can’t sing ’em, don’t play ’em!”


4/20 “Noel Katie Hopkins Gallagher” – May 2015

To dismiss rumours that Oasis might return, Liam tweeted “I see Noel Katie Hopkins Gallagher is talking out of his slack arse again go and polish your SAXAPHONE Ha ha LGx”


5/20 “POTATO” – July 2016

Liam called his brother a potato in numerous tweets around this time. The attacks are thought to be in response to remarks made by Noel in an interview with the Toronto Star regarding earlier insulting tweets from Liam: “I guess it was about him staying relevant. If you’re him, what else is there to tweet about? How his spring/summer collections are doing for his clothing firm?”

Liam Gallagher / Twitter

6/20 Cricket bat fight – 1995

One night during recording sessions for Oasis’ second album What’s The Story (Morning Glory), Liam enraged his brother when he brought a group of fans to the recording session. A fight ensued when Liam refused to ask the fans to leave and Noel ended up beating his brother with a cricket bat. Journalist Paolo Hewitt took the bat home and it was later auctioned

Record Mecca

7/20 “Man with a fork in a world of soup” – July 2019

Referring to a joke Noel made about him back in 2009, Liam posted a video on twitter eating soup with a fork. Liam went on to describe Scotland as a beautiful country after Noel had deemed it “third-world”

Liam Gallagher / Twitter

8/20 Birthday wishes – May 2017

In the wake of the Manchester terror attack in 2017, Liam thought it might be time to bury the hatchet and publicly wished his brother a happy birthday…

Liam Gallagher / Twitter

9/20 “Play your songs for the kids you sad f***” – June 2017

…only to launch a fresh attack five days later after Noel didn’t appear at the benefit concert for victims of the attack, in which he apologised for his brother’s absence and called him a “sad f***”


10/20 “I can play him like a slightly-disused arcade game” – October 2005

Following an incident where Liam stormed off stage during a concert in Italy, Noel claimed in an interview that he no longer argues with his brother about such issues, instead working on his psychology to “play him like a slightly-disused arcade game”


11/20 “He’s the angriest man you’ll ever meet” – April 2009

Clearly near the end of his tether, Noel made this claim about Liam in an interview with Q magazine


12/20 Noel leaves Oasis – August 2009

Noel finally walked out after an argument before a concert in Paris. The rest of the tour was cancelled and Noel issued a statement: “It’s with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight. People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer.”


13/20 “High Flying Turds” – July 2011

Liam welcomed Noel’s new band the High Flying Birds by calling them the “High Flying Turds” and deeming their frontman, his brother, a “S***BAG”


14/20 ‘One of the biggest cocks in the universe’ – 2013

“I fucking adore him and I’d do anything for him. But the geezer that’s in this fucking business, he’s one of the biggest cocks in the universe.” – NME, June 2013


15/20 ‘Boring’ – 2011

“He’s got good songs. No balls, though. No attitude. Everyone knows what Noel Gallagher can do, and it’s great, but it’s boring. I’ve heard it all before.” – The Telegraph, November 2011

Getty Images

16/20 ‘A f***ing knobhead’ – 2008

Noel on Liam: “I read these interviews with him and I don’t know who the guy is who’s in these interviews, he seems really cool, because the guy I’ve been in a band with for the last 18 years is a fucking knobhead.” Herald Sun, October 2008


17/20 ‘High Flying Smurfs’ – 2012

Liam on Noel’s band: ‘snore patrol Noel Gallaghers high flying smurfs who said rock n roll is dead’ – Twitter 2012

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