Woman, 31, who refuses to shave off her moustache and unibrow says it helps her love life

A woman has revealed she refuses to shave off her moustache and unibrow because they help her ‘weed out’ potential love interests – despite the fact people stare at her and make cruel comments. Tutor Eldina Jaganjac, 31, from Copenhagan, Denmark, said while some men – particularly teenagers – stare at her brows like they’re a … Read more

Model reveals she faces daily hate because of her unibrow

A model who chose to embrace her unibrow after years of overplucking has admitted that she faces daily hate from trolls telling her it looks like she has the McDonald’s logo on her forehead and that she’d be ‘hotter’ if she shaved it off. Model Haylee Michalski, 22, from Charleston, South Carolina, started plucking the hair … Read more