Love Island’s Hugo Hammond belts out Sam Smith ballad in unearthed clip

An unearthed clip of Hugo Hammond has surfaced, proving him to be a bit of a crooner. The video shows the Love Island contestant belting out Sam Smith’s ballad, I’m Not The Only One, at what appears to be a school or college concert. He’s seen in a blue suit, standing in a spotlight, singing … Read more

Love Island 2021 Exclusive: Jake Cornish pictured sucking ex girlfriend’s toes in unearthed snap

Love Island’s self proclaimed ‘massive foot fetish’ Jake Cornish is pictured sucking an ex-girlfriend’s toes in an unearthed snap – hours after he was seen brazenly filming a foot kissing dare on his phone during last night’s series opener.  The engineer, 24, from Weston-super-Mare, was photographed by his ex, who doesn’t wish to be named, … Read more

1,000-year-old chicken egg preserved in human feces inside an ancient cesspit unearthed in Israel

A chicken egg surrounded by human feces inside an ancient cesspit for 1,000 years has been unearthed in Israel, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) said on Wednesday. The complete egg was discovered in an industrial complex dating back to the Byzantine period, in what is now Yavne. ‘Eggshell fragments are known from earlier periods, for … Read more

Giant dinosaur skeleton is unearthed in China: 26ft Jurassic monster that’s nearly 70% intact

Giant dinosaur skeleton is unearthed in China: 26ft Jurassic monster that’s nearly 70% intact is discovered in ‘rare’ find dating back 180 million years The fossil, found in Lufeng, south west China, is around 70 per cent complete Termed a ‘national treasure’ by head of the city’s dinosaur conservation centre Fossil believed to date back … Read more

Claudia Winkleman looks almost unrecognisable in unearthed BBC clip from 1996

Claudia Winkleman looks almost unrecognisable in an unearthed BBC clip from 1996 where she appears as a ‘chat up connoisseur’. The Strictly Come Dancing presenter, 49, who was just 24 at the time, joined relationship expert Ben Renshaw on Good Morning with Anne and Nick.  The throwback clip was shared by the BBC Archive’s Twitter account, they tweeted: ‘#OnThisDay 1996: … Read more

Prince Philip’s birth certificate is unearthed after lying buried for 99 years in an archive

Prince Philip’s birth certificate has been unearthed by The Mail on Sunday – after lying buried for almost a century in an archive close to the Greek villa where he was born. The document was written by hand in Katharevousa Greek, a purist version of modern Greek, by a priest named Spiriodon Tryfonas on the … Read more

Unearthed footage emerges of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey’s Dirty Dancing screen test

Billy Zane once claimed that he and Sarah Jessica Parker auditioned for the lead roles. But unearthed footage, which has emerged of the late Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey’s Dirty Dancing screen test, shows exactly why they landed the parts of Johnny Castle and Baby in the 1987 Hollywood hit. In the video, the Ghost … Read more

Diana’s reaction to Charles’ infamous ‘whatever in love means’ comment is seen in unearthed footage

Newly unearthed footage of Prince Charles and Diana’s infamous engagement interview has emerged, showing the Princess of Wales looking ‘clearly dissatisfied’ after her husband-to-be’s comments asking if the couple were ‘in love’.   On February 24, 1981, after months of speculation, a 32-year-old Charles who had long ‘needed’ to find a bride was marrying an excited … Read more

Taylor Nolan’s unearthed offensive tweets result in ‘multiple complaints’ to state health department

The Bachelor alum Taylor Nolan’s offensive tweets have led to ‘multiple complaints’ being filed against her with the Washington State Department Of Health. Nolan, 27, posted the tweets in 2011 and 2012 but they were unearthed this week, causing a furious backlash online. As she is a licensed mental health counselor in Washington, the complaints … Read more

Oprah Winfrey asks teen Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen ‘what size are you?’ in unearthed 2004 interview

A resurfaced interview between Oprah Winfrey and twin actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen is courting controversy, as it featured the chat show queen asking the teenage girls ‘what size are you?’ Filmed in 2004, the girls were 17, with Mary-Kate rumoured to be suffering with an eating disorder at the time. The interview sees Oprah … Read more