Former BBC star Sue Cook, 71, slams broadcaster over its unbalanced Covid coverage

Ex-BBC star Sue Cook, 71, accuses broadcaster of unbalanced Covid coverage and pushing too hard to shut down UK by forever ‘wheeling out’ ‘Professor Lockdown’ Neil Ferguson over other scientists Sue Cook, 71, was speaking to journalist Anna Brees about BBC’s Covid coverage She slammed ‘unbalanced’ corporation and said she’d stopped listening to Today Claimed … Read more

Historians blast BBC for ‘unbalanced’ News At Ten report on Churchill

Historians have criticised the BBC for an ‘unbalanced’ News At Ten report claiming Churchill was responsible for the ‘mass killing’ of up to 3million in the 1943 Bengal Famine. A section broadcast on Tuesday examined how modern Indians view the wartime prime minster as part of a series on Britain’s colonial legacy, and featured a … Read more