Tortoise climbs out of its enclosure and makes a break for it after visitors return to Twycross Zoo

I’m off! Giant tortoise climbs over boulders surrounding enclosure and makes a (very slow) break for freedom after visitors return to Twycross Zoo The tortoise was filmed climbing out its pen in Little Orton, Leicestershire It climbed over a boulder and began walking through a crowd of children Twycross Zoo reopened on June 15 with … Read more

Magnificent animals at famous Twycross Zoo face CULLING

Shufai and Lope are just like any young, boisterous brothers — playing, climbing trees and banging as loudly and annoyingly as possible on a big, blue, plastic barrel. They fight, make up, enjoy the odd sniff at each other’s bottom, scratch their armpits and stay well out of father Oumbi’s way as he enjoys a … Read more