Look away Jamie! The new Turkey Twizzlers really ARE healthier

Has there ever been a more maligned food than the Turkey Twizzler? More than a decade ago, these corkscrew-shaped turkey sausage creations were singled out by TV chef Jamie Oliver in his campaign to improve school dinners – and shamed for containing just 34 per cent meat. The rest was a concoction of flavourings, sugar, … Read more

Anti-obesity drives are a fat lot of good if Turkey Twizzlers are back on the menu

As a parent and food writer, I will always remember with jubilation the day in 2005 when Turkey Twizzlers were discontinued. A gruesome array of gastronomic abominations jostled for space in supermarket freezers in those days, but the Twizzler was uniquely loathsome. My objections began with the name. How could poultry baron Bernard Matthews have … Read more

Turkey Twizzlers are BACK, confirms Bernard Matthews

Turkey Twizzlers are BACK! Bernard Matthews confirms return of Jamie Oliver’s worst nightmare as firm promises a new healthier version of the processed spiral snack Bernard Matthews launches new Turkey Twizzlers with 67-70% meat content It comes 15 years after product with 34% meat was discontinued from schools  TV chef Jamie Oliver’s led a high-profile … Read more

Cover your eyes Jamie! Bernard Matthews hints at the return of Turkey Twizzlers

Cover your eyes Jamie! Bernard Matthews hints at the return of Turkey Twizzlers… famously LOATHED by TV chef Jamie Oliver Turkey Twizzlers could return 15 years after Jamie Oliver’s anti-junk food drive The TV chef convinced schools to drop them and switch to healthier dinners  But food manufacturer Bernard Matthews promises ‘comeback of the century’ … Read more