Sweden advises Texas on restarting frozen wind turbines as power cut

Texas may be the energy powerhouse of the US, but it has not held up to its name after historic freezing conditions froze the state’s power facilities and mainly its 10,700 wind turbines. Sweden, which is known for its colder climate, has offered the Lone Star State some advice to keep the wings moving no … Read more

How half of Britain’s electricity came from turbines on Boxing Day

New record for wind power generation: Half of Britain’s electricity came from turbines on Boxing Day thanks to Storm Bella The gusts of wind provided 50.7% of Great Britain’s electricity on Boxing Day This is mainly thanks to Storm Bella where winds reached up to 100mph   The last record was set in August of this … Read more

Cylindrical wind turbines which are strapped to motorway lamp posts could be powered by TRAFFIC

Wind-turbines that fit around motorway lamp posts and are powered by passing vehicles could help the UK reach its target of being carbon neutral by 2050.  Kent-based businessman Barry Thompson created the unusual-looking device and says they could initially be used to power the lights they are attached to.  Eventually, the entrepreneur hopes the energy … Read more

Bird deaths from wind turbine’s drop by 72 per cent when one blade is painted black

Number of birds killed by wind turbines drops by 72 per cent when a single blade is painted black, study finds Researchers paints a blade black on four wind turbines on island of Smola Researchers used sniffer dogs to look for bird carcasses underneath the turbines After they were painted, the amount of bird deaths dropped … Read more

Elements from fish fossils used in LED TVs and wind turbines

Scientists reveal how 34.5 million-year-old fish fossils help build up rare earth mineral deposits used to make LED TVs, wind turbines, and rechargeable batteries Researchers in Japan studied rare-earth mineral deposits off the coast of Japan They found ancient fossilized fish played a key role in forming the deposits The mineral deposits are commonly mined … Read more

Engineers create rugged cylindrical wind turbines to harvest energy while withstanding typhoons 

Engineers create durable new wind turbines that can harvest energy from typhoons and withstand gusts of up to 156mph because they use spinning cylinders instead of blades Engineers in Japan are preparing a radical new wind turbine for release It’s built with rotating cylinders, which are more durable than traditional blades In 2017, a prototype … Read more