Mother-of-six, 42, helps gay brother become dad by acting as his surrogate

A selfless sister has helped her brother fulfil his dreams of becoming a dad by carrying his baby as surrogate. Anthony Deegan, 38, and his boyfriend Ray Williams, 30, were elated when Tracey Hulse, 42, put an end to their year-long search for a surrogate. The Manchester-based hopeful parents took out a £36,000 loan to … Read more

One of Britain’s first single dads by surrogate hails six-month-old son Miles ‘miracle’

One of Britain’s first single dads by surrogate has praised the ‘incredibly selfless women’ who helped him become a father to six-month-old son Miles.  Teacher David Watkins, 42, from Southampton, is one of the first single men in the UK to have a surrogate baby after a law change in January 2019, welcoming Miles into the world on … Read more

One of Britain’s first single dads by surrogate: Teacher, 42, shows off his six-month-old son

A teacher has become a single father by choice after using a surrogate and anonymous egg donor. David Watkins, 42, from Southampton, Hampshire, is one of the first single men in the UK to have a surrogate baby after a law change in January 2019. He welcomed his son Miles, now six months old, into the … Read more

Britain’s first transgender parents planning on having another baby via surrogate

A couple who became Britain’s first transgender parents after both transitioning have revealed they’re planning on having another baby.  Hannah, 32, and Jake Graf, 41, South London, announced last December they were expecting a baby via surrogate after Jake stopped testosterone for about six months in order to harvest and freeze his eggs. Their surrogate … Read more

Stem cell breakthrough allows male livestock to serve as ‘surrogate sires’

A breakthrough in stem cell research allowed scientists to create ‘surrogate sires’ that produce sperm with the genetic traits of a donor animal. So far the new technique has been used to create pigs, goats and cattle with the sole purpose of producing sperm with the DNA of another male.  Researchers from Washington State University … Read more

Lance Bass and his husband’s quest to find new baby surrogate now proving difficult due to COVID-19

Lance Bass admits he and husband Michael Turchin have ‘lost’ their surrogate… as couple’s quest to start a family proves difficult due to COVID-19 pandemic By Kevin Kayhart For Published: 03:42 BST, 22 August 2020 | Updated: 03:42 BST, 22 August 2020 Lance Bass and husband Michael Turchin have endured yet another setback in … Read more

Gabrielle Union reveals multiple doctors misdiagnosed her fertility issues before surrogate birth

Gabrielle Union revealed that she saw multiple doctors while trying to get pregnant before one finally diagnosed her issues correctly. The 47-year-old actress delved into her history trying to get pregnant on a new episode of actress Katie Lowes’ podcast Katie’s Crib that was released Thursday. The Bring It On star even raised the possibility … Read more

Kandi Burruss reveals she felt ‘guilt’ using a surrogate to welcome her third child

She welcomed her second daughter Blaze, via surrogate, with husband Todd Tucker late last year.  But now Kandi Burruss is opening up about her feelings using a surrogate and the struggle she overcame.  The Real Hosusewives of Atlanta star spoke on the Parents magazine podcast We Are Family, out Tuesday saying it was a ‘tough … Read more

Kristen Wiig had three years of IVF before using a surrogate

Kristen Wiig opened up about what an ‘isolating experience’ dealing with fertility struggles can be.  The extremely private star revealed how she went through three years of IVF treatment before deciding to welcome kids via a surrogate in a new interview for InStyle. Wiig, 46, said there ‘was a lot of stress and heartache’ during the IVF … Read more