Three primary school maths questions stump adults

Adults are scratching their heads over three ‘simple’ primary school maths questions.  The first is the seemingly straightforward equation ‘8+2×4÷2’, while the second is a photo that asks you to identify how many triangles you can see in the picture. The third is a problem where fruit such as apples and bananas represent a numeric value … Read more

Stelios: I won’t stump up for easyJet bailout

Billionaire founder of easyJet refuses to invest any more money in budget airline amid speculation that company plans to tap investors for more cash By Ben Harrington And Neil Craven, Financial Mail On Sunday Published: 21:50 GMT, 27 February 2021 | Updated: 21:50 GMT, 27 February 2021 The billionaire founder of easyJet has refused to … Read more

Hilarious moment elephant calf fails to cross over a fallen tree stump

It’s not easy being this small! Moment elephant calf gets stuck as she tries to climb over fallen tree while walking with his family Phantom the elephant calf was walking through a forest clearing in Chowkham Locals filmed the two-year-old elephant trying to cross a fallen tree sump Phantom was with his elder brother Babulal, … Read more

Home buyers to stump up 40 per cent deposits as TSB and Barclays stop handing out mortgages

Now home buyers need to stump up 40 per cent deposits to get a mortgage as economic devastation from coronavirus threatens a new credit crunch TSB has withdrawn two-year mortgage deals with less than 40 per cent deposits Barclays has ended mortgages for borrowers with less than a 25 per cent deposit A Bank of … Read more

Left-handers at the cricket stump get more runs, spend longer at the crease and hit the ball further

Left-handers at the cricket stump get more runs, spend longer at the crease and hit the ball further than their right-handed counterparts Around 12% of population are left-handed but they comprise a third of cricketers Some right-handers use ‘reverse stance’ and bat with left hand below the right Successful left-handed batsmen include Brian Lara and … Read more

AMANDA PLATELL: Stump up for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s protection? That’s rich! 

What a shock it must have been for the Duke of Sussex to learn that his adopted host nation Canada would no longer foot part of the bill for his family’s police protection. How could this be? Harry’s and Meghan’s bestie, PM Justin Trudeau, had welcomed them warmly in December. And the country is a … Read more