Australian commentators try to explain Aussie slang to colleagues at Tokyo Olympics beach volleyball

Cringeworthy moment Olympic commentators try to explain Australian slang and culture to a confused Japanese colleague at the beach volleyball By Kate Rooney For Daily Mail Australia Published: 20:01 EDT, 28 July 2021 | Updated: 20:05 EDT, 28 July 2021 Australian commentators have awkwardly tried to bridge the language barrier at the Tokyo Olympics by … Read more

Artist sent letter by Hugo Boss for using Scouse slang ‘Boss’ on clothes reaches ‘amicable’ solution

Fashion giant Hugo Boss has reached an ‘amicable solution’ with a Merseyside artist over the merchandise he produced using the word ‘boss.’  John Charles, originally from Kirkby, applied for a trademark for his ‘Be Boss, Be Kind’ designs in September after local parents began enquiring about merchandise for a free virtual art class he set … Read more

English teacher reveals difference between British, American and Australian slang

English teacher reveals the VERY different slang words used in Britain, America and Australia – including ‘doona’ for duvet and ‘bottle-o’ for off-licence Lucy Bella Earl, from Hertfordshire, runs the ‘English with Lucy’ YouTube channel Shared video on the difference between British, American and Australian slang Includes words like ‘bottle-o’ and ‘ABC store’ for ‘off-licence’ in British … Read more

Covid-Dictionary: What slang about the pandemic looks like around the world

Life around the globe is increasingly different due to the coronavirus crisis – so much so that in many countries, people have created brand new words to describe it.  With this in mind, experts at leading language app Babbel have revealed which new words and phrases are being used around the world to describe the … Read more

Covid-19 pandemic triggers new wave of ‘coronaspeak’ slang

Can you speak fluent Covid? Pandemic triggers new wave of slang including Miley Cyrus coronavirus and sanny for hand gel  Coronavirus pandemic has seen a wave of new slang words across the world  New Covid-19 related words include ‘sanny’, ‘the rona’ and ‘covidiot’ ‘Coronaspeak can help the public make sense of the crisis,’ linguist said  … Read more