Treasure hunter finds gold coin worth $98,000 from the world’s most valuable shipwreck

Treasure hunter diving on the Nuestra de Atocha shipwreck site in Florida finds a gold coin worth $98K Rare gold coin from ‘world’s most valuable shipwreck’ has been found off the Florida Keys Zach Moore discovered the gold coin in 30 feet of water on July 16 It is the 121st coin found from the … Read more

Italy’s ‘Robinson Crusoe’ who has lived alone on island for 30 years after shipwreck finally leaves

An 81-year-old man known as Italy’s Robinson Crusoe who has lived alone on an island for 32 years is finally moving after surrendering his eviction fight. Since 1989, Mauro Morandi has been the sole inhabitant of the Isle of Budelli near Sardinia, after he decided to ditch his life as a PE teacher and become … Read more

Shipwreck from the 1880s is identified as the Contest thanks to shifting Lake Michigan water levels

Shipwreck from the 1880s that emerges every few years due to Lake Michigan tidal waters is finally identified as the long-lost Contest A shipwreck has appeared four times along the shore of Lake Michigan – 1947, 1974, 2018 and 2021 It was previously speculated to be remains of the 170-foot-long Woodruff, but experts determined otherwise  … Read more

Elgin Marbles ship: Flintlock pistol and shoe parts found in shipwreck

A range of items including a flintlock pistol and a leather shoe sole are among a trove of treasure discovered in the same sunken ship that carried the Elgin Marbles. Archaeologists working for the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sport have been investigating the shipwreck of the Mentor since 2011 in search of artefacts. The sunken … Read more

Three people rescued as yacht drifted dangerously close to shipwreck packed with explosives 

Three people are rescued after their yacht drifted dangerously close to shipwreck of SS Richard Montgomery in Medway Estuary that is packed with 1,400 tonnes of explosives The yacht was floating in the mouth of the Medway Estuary when alarm raised Its location was close to the infamous wreck of the SS Richard Mongomery  The … Read more

Shipwreck of 18th century floating gin palace bound for Tsarist Russia found in Gulf of Finland

By JOE DAVIES FOR MAILONLINE  Britain’s gin industry has been booming for a decade and there is no sign of the trend slowing down. In 2019, the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) valued gin sales in the UK at £2.3billion, with more than 76 million bottles sold — 10 million more than in the … Read more

Coral-coated shipwreck found off the coast of Mexico crashed into the ‘Nightmare reef’ 200 years ago

Coral-covered shipwreck discovered off the coast of Mexico met its fate after crashing into the ‘Nightmare reef’ over 200 years ago A fisherman spotted the wreck in the 90s, but experts investigated the remains in just the two past months The organic material degraded, but metal parts, iron ingots, the anchor and an cannon are … Read more

Shipwreck buried in Maine beach identified as the British cargo ship that was lost in 1769 

Skeletal remains of a shipwreck have appeared on the Maine coastline nearly every 20 years, but have remained a mystery for more than six decades – until now. Researchers have finally identified the wooden wreck as a British cargo ship that dates back before the Revolutionary War – making it older than America itself. Using … Read more

Shipwreck in Maine is identified as a British vessel that went missing during the Battle of Yorktown

The skeletal remains of a shipwreck trapped off in the Maine coastlinehas been identified as a British vessel from the Battle of Yorktown. The ship sits in the Short Sands beach and has been exposed several times in the past by storms ripping through the area. The wreck, which consists of the bottom of the … Read more