iPhone 14 could be made from titanium and be more resistant to scratches and allow it to bend

Apple could use ultra-strong titanium to build its iPhone 14 – but will likely continue to make the screen and device back with glass,’ analyst says JPMorgan Chase said the 2022 iPhone will have titanium alloy on its chassis This mixture is both stronger and more resistant to scratches than current iPhone models The high-end … Read more

Belly fat is the most resistant to weight loss

Is THIS why it’s so difficult to get a six pack? Belly fat is the most resistant to weight loss – even when fasting every other day, scientists reveal Belly fat is known as visceral fat and wraps around a person’s internal organs  Researchers studying mice found it has a ‘preservation mode’ unlike other fats This … Read more

People living at high altitude are more resistant to the coronavirus, study claims

People living at high altitude are less likely to experience the worst effects of coronavirus than those at sea level, a new study suggests. Those on higher ground are better adapted to low levels of oxygen in the blood – which is one potentially fatal effect of SARS-CoV-2 infection, scientists say. Researchers compared cases of … Read more

Scientists discover new antibiotic that kills bacteria resistant to all known drugs

Scientists have discovered a new antibiotic that can kill even the toughest superbugs that have become resistant to all other known drugs, a new study reveals.  Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers ran about 6,000 molecules through their artificial intelligence program, searching for those that could kill E. coli.  Of all those, the … Read more