Live cow washes up on Old Bar Beach in Taree after NSW Storms batter the region

Bizarre moment a live COW washes up on a regional beach amid treacherous surf conditions during NSW’s historic rain storm A cow has washed up on Old Bar Beach in the mid-north coast region of Taree The distressed animal was found by locals on Saturday after severe rainstorm   Old Bar Taree Surf Life Saving Club safely … Read more

Boohoo director says none of the firm’s suppliers are linked to Uighur Muslim labour camp region

A director at Boohoo has said the clothing brand was ‘shocked,’ by reports of Uighur Muslims being forced to work in Chinese labour camps but claimed none of the firm’s suppliers have links to the Xinjiang region as he faced a grilling from MPs. Andrew Reaney, group director of responsible sourcing, faced a committee of … Read more

Does Greater Manchester REALLY need a Tier 3 lockdown? Cases were already slowing for 40% of region

More than a million people in Greater Manchester are living in boroughs where coronavirus infections are falling, casting serious doubts about whether a ‘Tier Three’ lockdown is really justified.  Some 2.8million residents in the region will be plunged into the harshest category of restrictions at midnight on Thursday after a series of looser localised measures … Read more

China boasts of successfully ‘creating jobs’ in Xinjiang region work scheme

China has lauded the success of its vocational and jobs schemes in the troubled Xinjiang region on Thursday, just days after the US government said they were being operated from facilities run like ‘concentration camps’. On Thursday the Chinese government published a white paper staunchly defending its policy in the Muslim-inhabited region, where it says … Read more

Photographer visits New Guinea cannibals in region where Michael Rockefeller was killed and eaten

This is the isolated tribe in Indonesia, where American heir Michael Rockefeller was supposedly murdered and eaten sixty years ago, before they renounced cannibalism and turned to Christianity. The images offer a rare glimpse of the Grand Valley Dani people, an ethnic group located in a remote part of western New Guinea in Indonesia. Their … Read more

Oldest plant region on Earth ‘dates back 30 million years’

The oldest alpine plant region on Earth, in the Hengduan Mountains of south-west China, dates back more than 30 million years, scientists say.  US and Chinese researchers say the alpine flora of the Hengduan Mountains has continuously existed far longer than any other alpine flora on Earth.  The diversity of plants in the region today can be … Read more

Second Spanish region goes back into lockdown after new Covid outbreak

A second Spanish region made up of 70,000 people is going back into lockdown after a new coronavirus outbreak. Entry into and out of La Marina, which lies 90 miles east of La Coruna in Galicia, will be banned from midnight tonight and gatherings of more than ten people will be banned to limit the possibility … Read more

London becomes the first region in England to see deaths fall BELOW average

The number of people dying in London has fallen below average for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak started in March, promising data shows. A weekly report from the Office for National Statistics shows that the number of people who died of any cause in London was three per cent lower than average between … Read more

South West region is emerging from lockdown more quickly than rest of UK

The south west region is emerging from lockdown more quickly than the rest of the UK while Londoners are most likely to stay home, new figures have revealed. Anonymised mobile phone data gathered by Oxford University shows population movements were on average 37 per cent of normal levels in the south west in the week … Read more

Stress lives in the hippocampus region of our brain

Stress lives in the hippocampus region of the human brain which is also responsible for motivation, emotion and memory, study shows Scientists from Yale exposed 30 volunteers to evocative images to cause stress   They tracked stress levels and where it came from in the brain using MRI scans  Found it stems from the hippocampus and … Read more