Kim Kardashian announces she is rebranding KKW Beauty … as fans speculate she will drop the ‘W’

Kim Kardashian West, 40, announced on Twitter that she would be temporarily closing down her lucrative KKW Beauty line to rebrand. In a long series of tweets on Tuesday, the mogul explained that the product line in its current iteration would be no more and will relaunch with ‘new formulas that are more modern, innovative, … Read more

CHEER replaces COON cheese in Australians supermarkets in major rebranding

You feta brie-lieve it! CHEER cheese hits supermarket shelves across Australia after COON brand was dropped for being racist COON cheese had its name changed due to racist connotations  Saputo Dairy Australia said the rebranded product will rolled out nation wide CHEER cheese will be available on Australian supermarket shelves from June 25  Saputo Dairy … Read more

BBC Television could be scrapped in favour of BBC Screen in ‘bizarre’ £1m rebranding exercise

BBC Television could be scrapped in favour of BBC Screen in ‘bizarre and ludicrous’ £1m rebranding exercise to appeal to a younger audience, insider says BBC Television could rebrand as BBC Screen to appeal to younger audiences Bosses are reportedly relaunching in a bid to appeal to the 18-34 age group Insider sources say the … Read more

Top doctor BLASTS Pete Evans for rebranding his anti-vaxxer views as ‘pro choice’

A leading doctor has taken aim at controversial chef Pete Evans, accusing him of trying to disguise his dangerous and unscientific anti-vaxxer views using language that sounds more socially acceptable. Pete, who has previously made his anti-vaccination stance clear, recently claimed he was not an anti-vaxxer, but was instead ‘pro-choice’ and ‘pro-safe vac’ – terms that … Read more