Coronavirus Scotland: Deaths occur in two care homes with 82 cases

Multiple Covid deaths are reported across two Scottish care homes where 82 residents have now tested positive Redmill Care Home in West Lothian and Milford House in Edinburgh are affected Both homes have been closed to visitors and additional testing is in place ONS has reported 15,601 Covid-related deaths in care homes this year But … Read more

Supernova explosion: The final stellar fireworks will occur 10 to the 32,000th years in the future

The universe will gradually become a dark and quiet place as stars slowly fizzle out, but in trillions of years a few will let off one last spark of energy, a new study found. Physicist Matt Caplan from Illinois State University calculated that the last ‘white dwarf’ stars will become black dwarfs and will explode … Read more

Up to 95% of heatwave deaths in London and west Midlands occur below weather warning threshold

A massive 95 per cent of deaths caused by hot weather in London and the West Midlands occur before heatwave alerts have been triggered, a study has found.  And many do not view high temperatures as a risk – with only two out of five over-75s saying they thought it posed a danger to their … Read more

Coronavirus UK: Mass funerals may occur to cope with deaths

Britain faces prospect of mass funerals if rising coronavirus death toll overwhelms undertaker, Wales’ Health Minister warns Wales Health Minister Vaughan Gething said it was ‘one of the most difficult things we might have to face’ He agreed with a fellow assembly member there might be a ‘push towards cremation with memorial services in the months … Read more