Apple to make apps include privacy ‘nutritional labels’ that disclose what data is collected

Apple is requiring developers to include privacy ‘nutritional labels’ with apps that disclose what type of user data is collected The labels help users see developers’ practices before downloading an app Labels show if apps record users’ browsing history or location, among other data Some data-gathering is exempt, like info in optional feedback forms The new … Read more

Nutritional information on food packaging encourages healthier choices

A household will buy more healthy food if a retailer clearly shows nutritional information on its own-brand food products, according to a new study. Researchers from the University of Bath evaluated the impact front-of-pack nutrition labelling – first introduced in 2006 – has on people’s buying habits.  There is a clear reduction in the quantity … Read more

Nutritional supplements ‘don’t work’ | Daily Mail Online

They are typically taken by the health conscious with the hope of adding years to life. But a study found taking supplements has little effect and only nutrients found in foods can lower your chances of death. In fact, some supplements – such as calcium and vitamin D – were actually associated with a higher … Read more

FDA announces new food labels that have nutritional information for eating the whole package

FDA’s new nutritional labels require food packaging to say how many calories, fats, sugars and carbs are in a ‘serving’ AND the whole container The new food labels will have dual columns, one will nutritional information for one serving and another for the whole packages Manufacturers will also be required to include added sugars on the … Read more