Genetics: Some people have pointier noses because of DNA fragments we share with MICE, study claims

Do you have a hooter to rival Pinocchio’s? If so, you may be able to blame a newly-discovered gene that we share with mice which affects the pointiness of our noses.   Experts from the UK and France analysed the genomes and face shapes of 6,000 people from Latin America, finding 32 gene regions that influence facial … Read more

Comic Relief UK: Plastic red noses are replaced with plant-based alternative

Comic Relief has ditched plastic red noses in favour of a plant-based alternative after children set up a campaign with the backing of David Attenborough. Co-founder Richard Curtis, 63,  said ‘a bit of tactical nudging by some passionate kids’ helped Comic Relief create its first 100 per cent plastic-free nose for Red Nose Day 2021.  … Read more