Barack Obama says Donald Trump ‘exceeded’ his worst nightmares

Barack Obama says Donald Trump ‘exceeded’ his worst nightmares and the government handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been ‘shambolic’ in interview with Late Show host Stephen Colbert Obama appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday evening  He referred to the US Government’s response to pandemic as ‘shambolic’  He also said Trump’s … Read more

FDA-approved Apple Watch NightWare app treats PTSD-linked nightmares

NightWare app for Apple Watch wins FDA approval as an effective treatment for PTSD-related nightmares NightWare uses Apple Watch sensors to help those with PTSD nightmares The app uses machine learning to collect data on movement and heart rate If a nightmare is detect, the app signals the Apple Watch to vibrate NightWare completed its … Read more

20 laundry nightmares that are as funny as they are relatable 

It all comes out in the wash! People share their hilariously relatable laundry fails – from exploding pillows to shrunken jumpers and disappearing socks People from all over the world have shared their most hilarious laundry fails   Includes a man from New York who gave his shrunk sweater to his cute dog In Russia, woman … Read more

From red carpet to real life…SUSANNA REID: How to beat corona crisis nightmares

How weird that, although for many there are no early alarms, tiring commutes and long work days, everyone I speak to is so damn tired. A colleague who’s working from home says that every day feels like an uphill trek through treacle. A national lethargy seems to have descended as we settle into week seven … Read more