Stylist Gemma Sheppard gives her tips on what pesky mistakes cheapen a look

Many people will be coming out of lockdown finding their clothes fit differently after having not shopped for a year. And for those struggling to find their best looks, TV stylist Gemma Sheppard has revealed her simple her tips on how to always look sharp, and to avoid the mistakes that cheapen a look.  Gemma, who … Read more

Boohoo: Cost differences between clothes are ‘mistakes’ due to ‘mix up with suppliers’

Identical items of clothing that on sale for different prices across Boohoo’s brands is down to a ‘genuine mistake’ and not ‘business practice’, the fast fashion giant has said.   The multi-billion pound brand, which owns Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse, Oasis, and Karen Millen among others, faced questions this week after an identical mushroom coat was … Read more

Recruiter reveals major mistakes job-seekers make with their cover letters and how to improve yours

A lengthy essay, a regurgitated CV and no central point are just three of the mistakes job-seekers make with their cover letters. And while you might spend less time on them than on your CV, a cover letter can be the difference between getting an interview and being passed over. Speaking to job website Seek, … Read more

Molly-Mae Hague begs fans not to make ‘the same mistakes’ after ditching composite bonds and filler

Earlier this week, she revealed she had gotten rid of the composite bonds on her teeth because she is on a mission to become more ‘natural’.  And, on Thursday, Molly-Mae Hague, 21, took to Instagram where she begged her fans not to make ‘the same mistakes’ as she did, while unveiling her natural teeth, after having her … Read more

Married At First Sight’s new groom Johnny Balbuziente mistakes current cast as ‘rent-a-crowd’

Married At First Sight’s new intruder groom Johnny Balbuziente mistakes the current cast as ‘rent-a-crowd’ at his wedding to wife Kerry Knight Do you have a story about an intruder? Email [email protected]  By Ali Daher For Daily Mail Australia Published: 09:20 GMT, 15 March 2021 | Updated: 09:20 GMT, 15 March 2021 This year’s season … Read more

Kim Kardashian mistakes snow for hail as she talks insane Calabasas weather:’It’s literally snowing’

Kim Kardashian may be a lot of things — a mom, a business woman, even a lawyer — but one thing she is not is a meteorologist. On Wednesday the 40-year-old reality star filmed a video of some obscure weather in her cozy Calabasas, adamantly proclaiming ‘it’s snowing’ despite it being hail.    Seemingly the only … Read more

Common workplace mistakes: Bosses who force team-building exercises on staff are wasting time

REVEALED: The VERY common mistake bosses make which drives their employees insane and is a HUGE a ‘waste of time’ University of Sydney paper looked into why staff ‘despise’ team building Researchers found staff forced team-building was ‘nosy’ and ‘controlling’ Employees resistant to forced fun and friendships in stressful workplaces They recommended people be allowed to … Read more

Personal trainer Rachel Dillon reveals the mistakes you’ve been making in your workouts

A personal trainer has revealed why you’ve been squatting wrong this entire time, and how you can properly engage your ‘side glute’ to see results from your workouts. Rachel Dillon, from Queensland, said when you exercise with a resistance band at home or in the gym, the aim isn’t just to hit a certain number … Read more

My investing mistakes and the lessons I learnt along the way

After the recent GameStop-fuelled market frenzy there will be more than a few investors nursing paper losses this week. The Reddit-fuelled surge that saw GameStop’s price rocket, as small traders battled short sellers, was not just a US phenomenon – the UK’s major investing platforms and apps also reported a rush to buy. Some who … Read more

Labrador puppy Stanley barks at a mirror as he mistakes his reflection for a playmate

Ruff-house with me! Labrador puppy Stanley barks and bashes his snout against a mirror as he mistakes his reflection for a playmate Nine-week-old Labrador puppy named Stanley thought he’d made a new friend  Barked and bounced at the dog he saw in the mirror, not realizing it was himself  His tail wags furiously as he … Read more