Lombardy: Epicentre of Europe’s initial coronavirus outbreak imposes three-week night-time curfew

Italy’s northern Lombardy region is preparing to impose a night-time curfew for three weeks, the most restrictive anti-coronavirus measure the country has seen since it emerged from a national lockdown in spring. The 11pm-5am curfew is expected to begin on Thursday night and last until November 13.  It comes as Lombardy, the region hit hardest by … Read more

Lombardy will start 20,000 antibody tests a day from Tuesday to detect coronavirus immunity

The Italian region of Lombardy says it will start performing 20,000 coronavirus immunity tests per day from next Tuesday.  Officials say the ‘reliable’ tests have been developed at a research hospital near Milan and will start being offered to health workers next week.  The government of the hard-hit region says the tests will ‘certify immunity … Read more

Madrid and London face worse coronavirus outbreaks than Lombardy

Madrid and London are facing worse coronavirus outbreaks than Lombardy in Italy with deaths doubling every two days – but New York’s mortality rate could be set to outpace them all. The humanitarian cost of the pandemic continues to mount globally as more than 415,000 people have been infected with the deadly disease, and more … Read more

Pupils in Cornwall told to self-isolate after ski trip to coronavirus-hit Lombardy region of Italy

Someone who is infected with the coronavirus can spread it with just a simple cough or a sneeze, scientists say. Over 2,700 people with the virus are now confirmed to have died and more than 80,000 have been infected. But experts predict the true number of people with the disease could be as high as … Read more