JAN MOIR: Prince Harry has got the perfect CV for a Mickey Mouse executive! 

Now that the shutters have slammed down on the Bank of Dad and with the MumCash reserves down to the last £20 million or so, Prince Harry has had to take drastic action. At the tender age of 36, he has put childish things behind him and gone out to get himself a job. Two … Read more

BT in turmoil as chairman Jan du Plessis steps down

BT in turmoil as chairman Jan du Plessis suddenly steps down amid rumours of boardroom clash with chief exec Philip Jansen By Matt Oliver For The Daily Mail Published: 22:00 GMT, 1 March 2021 | Updated: 22:00 GMT, 1 March 2021 BT chairman Jan du Plessis yesterday revealed he was stepping down after less than … Read more

JAN MOIR on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle”s profile-raising offensive in America

Think about others rather than yourself, said the Queen this week. Yet over in LA, her wise words beseeching altruism and humanity fell on deaf ears.  ‘My life is always going to be about public service,’ said the Duke of Sussex in his first post–Megxit TV interview, rather proving that the service he has in … Read more

JAN MOIR reviews Spitting Image

JAN MOIR: It’s no joke – Spitting Image’s new marvels of boneless spite are let down by lame scripts By Jan Moir for the Daily Mail Published: 22:01 BST, 2 October 2020 | Updated: 22:29 BST, 2 October 2020 Spitting Image, Britbox Rating: You won’t be surprised to hear that the Conservatives come in for … Read more

JAN MOIR: A tiny turkey and no in-laws? Hurrah for the cancellation of Christmas!

Muffle the bells, stop all the clocks, put away the silvered robins and the tinsel packs. For Christmas as we know it appears to have been cancelled this year. Not since the 17th century, when Oliver Cromwell stopped Christmas altogether — and Mrs Cromwell kissed him on the forehead, put her feet up and told … Read more

JAN MOIR: Has Gary Lineker scored an asylum own goal?  

Gary Lineker has invited a refugee to move into his mansion in Barnes, on the lush, south-western fringes of London. Do you know Barnes? It’s doubly desirable, being both leafy and on the river: a slice of prime urbanalia with posh cheese shops and residents such as Gyles Brandreth and Sir Tim Rice — but … Read more

This is what Jan from the iconic ‘Not happy, Jan!’ commercial looks like now

Remember her? You will never believe what the iconic ‘Not happy, Jan!’ woman from the famous commercial looks like now… 20 years after finding fame in the cult ad By Demeter Stamell For Daily Mail Australia Published: 06:24 BST, 28 August 2020 | Updated: 06:24 BST, 28 August 2020 She found fame as ‘Jan’ in … Read more

I’m fed up paying for a ‘woke’ BBC, writes former broadcaster JAN LEEMING 

When I was presenting the news on BBC1 in the 1980s I firmly believed that the Beeb was the best broadcasting outlet in the world and the channel of choice for quality. It had strength in depth throughout its range of content — from my own bailiwick of news and current affairs through drama, comedy, … Read more

Legendary BBC newsreader Jan Leeming, 78, says paying to watch the channels is a ‘waste of money”

Why I won’t renew my TV licence: Legendary BBC newsreader Jan Leeming, 78, says paying to watch the channels is a ‘waste of money’ after corporation scraps freebie for over-75s Former newsreader Jan Leeming says she will not pay for a TV licence next year Miss Leeming says she watches very little and licence fee is … Read more