Tom Daley crochets black and white hexagon cardigans for him and his two-year-old son Robert Ray

He has recently been showing off his impressive designs on social media after teaching himself how to crochet.  And Tom Daley, 26, and his toddler son Robert, two, wore matching black and white handmade cardigans in a cute gallery of pictures uploaded by the Olympic diver. Tom held hands and cuddled and kissed his little boy … Read more

Saturn polar hexagon caused by massive cyclones deep in the atmosphere

Giant hexagonal storm that has raged around Saturn’s north pole for over four decades is caused by massive cyclones deep in the planet’s atmosphere, study shows Researchers created a computer model to simulate conditions found on Saturn They then ran the simulation to see if a hexagonal polar storm would be formed They found these … Read more

The ONLY way to picnic: Scientists say groups must sit in a hexagon, pentagon or parallelogram

Groups should picnic in the shape of a parallelogram, a hexagon or pentagon if they want to meet together while still maintaining social distancing and good hygiene, experts have said. From Monday, up to six people will be allowed to meet both in public spaces and in private gardens in England for the first time … Read more