Twitter relaunches feature on iOS that encourages users to revise ‘potentially harmful’ posts

Stop and think before you send that tweet! Twitter relaunches feature on iOS that encourages users to revise ‘potentially harmful’ replies Twitter has relaunched a feature that encourages users to revise tweets If its AI detects harmful language, a notification will appear to revise the context The roll out is currently an experiment on iOS, which … Read more

One of UK’s biggest school textbook makers vows to ‘flip harmful gender stereotypes’

School books and exam papers could soon show girls dressing up as firefighters and boys watering plants after one of the country’s largest education companies launched plans to tackle gender bias. Pearson, which owns the exam board Edexcel and produces resources for schools, today announced guidelines to ‘flip’ gender stereotypes and ‘avoid unconscious bias.’ The move, … Read more

Environment: Greenpeace vows to continue dropping boulders onto Dogger Bank to stop harmful trawling

Greenpeace has vowed to continue dropping boulders into the North Sea — as to stop trawling of the Dogger Bank marine reserve — despite Government objection. According to the environmental organisation, the Government has failed to provide adequate protection for the sandbank, home to crabs, starfish, flatfish and sand eels. These marine creatures are food for … Read more

Leading dentists warn ‘extremely harmful’ TikTok beauty trend could cause teeth to fall out

Dental experts have warned against a potentially ‘extremely harmful’ new TikTok beauty trend which sees users bleaching their own teeth at home.  Users from the US and the UK have revealed how they buy hydrogen peroxide – one of the active whitening agents used in over-the-counter and professional teeth whitening products – and apply the chemical directly … Read more

Plastic pollution eaten by seabirds releases ‘potentially harmful’ chemicals in their stomachs

Plastic pollution eaten by seabirds releases ‘potentially harmful’ chemicals in their stomachs Seabirds often confuse pieces of plastic waste with food and ingest them Experts from the Netherlands created a simulated bird stomach in their lab They used real plastic debris from beaches and stomach oil from real birds Analysis revealed that various chemical leach … Read more

Pete Evans’ harmful documentary The Magic Pill is removed from streaming giant Netflix

Disgraced conspiracy theorist Pete Evans’ controversial documentary, The Magic Pill, has been removed from the popular streaming site, Netflix.   Following its 2017 release, the documentary has copped significant backlash from health professionals for its peddling of harmful views and suggestion that the paleo ketogenic diet could potentially cure illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, autism and … Read more

Facebook to label content from politicians that could be harmful

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced new content policies for the platform, including tighter restrictions on advertising and labels for ‘harmful’ posts from public figures, following an advertising boycott campaign. Zuckerberg said in a Facebook Live video on Friday that the company would begin labeling ‘harmful’ content from politicians that remains ‘newsworthy’. Though he did … Read more

Space-suit mask fitted with air filters to catch harmful pathogens to be distributed next month

A coronavirus face mask that looks better suited to space travel than the daily commute will begin shipping to customers at the end of this month. The BioVYZR 1.0 is fitted with a motor-powered fan that pushes air through filters, removing harmful pathogens, and a large visor to stop users touching their faces and transmitting the … Read more

22 European states say sending pupils back to school has not been harmful to families or teachers

Reopening schools across Europe has not caused a spike in coronavirus cases. Evidence from 22 EU states that have restored classes suggests little or no risk to pupils, teachers or families. The revelation piles pressure on unions resisting plans to send younger children back from June 1. The National Education Union yesterday even claimed it … Read more

Twitter tests warning message in iOS that asks users to re-think potentially ‘harmful’ replies

Twitter begins testing warning message in iOS that beckons users to think twice before posting potentially ‘harmful’ replies A moderation feature on Twitter beckons users to think twice before replying  It serves a message to users who may be about to post a ‘harmful’ reply The features is currently being tested on iOS  By James … Read more