Dorinda Medley grieves as Dorobics co-creator Jon Giswold dies

Dorinda Medley is grieving the loss of her ‘dear friend’ Jon Giswold who died on Sunday. The 55-year-old Bravo star took to Instagram to share a touching tribute to her long time pal, saying she was ‘devastated’ by his passing, in a post on Monday. Along with being close confidants, Giswold and Medley had worked … Read more

Male kangaroo grieves death of mate and joey after car accident

Heartbreaking photo shows sadness in the eyes of a kangaroo grieving over the body of his mate after she was hit by a car with a joey in her pouch The female kangaroo and six-month joey were struck by a car and left for dead  Image captured male kangaroo grieving his mate’s death in Victoria’s … Read more