More than 150 Jewish gravestones looted by the Nazis to make a ROAD discovered by builders Poland 

More than 150 Jewish gravestones used by the Nazis to help build a road have been found in a small market square in a town in Poland. The grim discovery was made during construction work in the town of Leżajsk where workers removed a layer of asphalt and found the ‘matzevot’, which is Hebrew for … Read more

Church removes gravestones of ‘blackface’ music hall stars

Church REMOVES ‘Chocolate Coloured C**n’ headstones of blackface dancer GH Elliott and dance hall co-star amid backlash over ‘deeply offensive’ language Headstones are of music hall singers who performed in blackface in the 1930s They were covered up last week at St Margaret’s church in Rottingdean, Brighton Gravestones belong to entertainer GH Elliott and fellow performer … Read more