Chemical residues of grapes in medieval containers hint at a thriving WINE trade in Islamic Sicily

It was unlikely that the residents of Islamic Sicily drank alcohol, but that didn’t stop them being involved in a possible thriving wine trade, according to a new study. Chemical residues of grapes found in medieval containers from Sardinia and Pisa led researchers from the University of York to speculate on how they were used. … Read more

Pet pig is caught on camera opening kitchen fridge to steal a bunch of grapes 

This is the comical moment a mischievous pig is caught opening a fridge door as he attempts to steal a bunch of grapes from inside. Kaitlyn Frazier, 29, from Illinois, had been making breakfast when she saw her pet pig Albert Einswine, who she adopted in May 2018, helping himself to some grapes in the fridge. … Read more

A slice of comfort: Buttermilk-marinated chicken with roasted grapes and za’atar 

A slice of comfort: Buttermilk-marinated chicken with roasted grapes and za’atar By Danielle Alvarez Published: 00:03 GMT, 1 November 2020 | Updated: 00:03 GMT, 1 November 2020 SERVES 4 1 x 2kg chicken, butterflied 600ml buttermilk 1.5 litres full-cream milk extra virgin olive oil, for drizzling 1 tbsp za’atar 150g red grapes 50ml verjus, or … Read more

Cameron Diaz looks lovely and carefree as she picks grapes and drinks wine for her brand Avaline

Ever since she retired from movie acting in 2014, she’s learned to enjoy the finer things in life. And Cameron Diaz was seen in a lovely and slightly silly Instagram video on Friday, to plug her very own wine brand Avaline. The Mask star, 48, was seen looking utterly carefree and beautiful in a sunlit … Read more

Melbourne teenager Isabella Gerace shares clever trick for turning grapes into alcoholic treats

‘This is the best idea ever’: Teenager’s clever trick for turning grapes into vodka-filled party treats is shared by THOUSANDS A teenager has discovered how to turn grapes into sugary, alcoholic snacks In a TikTok video shared Sunday, Isabella Gerace injects vodka into a grape  She dips fruit in sugar syrup, then leaves it to … Read more

China boasts its Wuhan water party was PAYBACK and critics who condemned it are just ‘sour grapes’

Chinese state media has defended a party which saw thousands of people pack out a water park in Wuhan, calling the festivities payback and condemning critics as ‘sour grapes’. Pictures showed Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park being jam-packed by mask-free revellers as they stood shoulder to shoulder in water over the weekend despite the ongoing … Read more