Woman who gouged out her own EYES in crystal meth-induced psychotic frenzy receives prosthetics

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT A woman who gouged out both of her own eyes during a meth-induced psychotic frenzy has received her first pair of prosthetic eyeballs.  Two years ago, Kaylee Muthart, then aged 21, ripped out her eyes while a horrified bystander struggled to restrain her. She was rushed to hospital, where doctors told her … Read more

Celia gouged, slashed and razored my scalp to cries of ‘Oops!’, ‘Oh dear’ and ‘Sorry!’

MONDAY, MAY 11 ‘Shall I cut your hair?’ asked Celia, eyeing my increasingly overgrown lockdown locks. ‘Have you ever done it before?’ I replied nervously. Piers Morgan put his faith in wife Celia Walden by reluctantly agreeing to let her cut his hair as they self-quarantine at their London home ‘No, but I’ve watched a … Read more