$15 million rewarded to five people whose embryos were lost in freezer tank malfunction

$15 million rewarded to five people whose embryos were lost in freezer tank malfunction at a San Francisco fertility clinic setting legal precedent for similar losses Five victims were rewarded $15 million by a jury after a freezer tank containing embryos at Pacific Fertility Center in San Francisco malfunctioned in 2018 A federal jury in … Read more

Mum of 16 reveals what her fridge and freezer for her massive family really looks like

A mum-of-16 has revealed how she organises her multiple fridges and freezers, including an entire shelf for eggs, 24 litres of ice cream and 14 pork roasts in the freezer. Jeni Bonell and her husband Ray, from Queensland, are the parents of Australia’s largest family, and their super-sized brood consists of nine sons and seven daughters, … Read more

Italian aircraft firm Tecnam transforms plane into a -122F freezer to transport COVID vaccine doses 

Italian aircraft firm Tecnam transforms one of their 11-seater planes into a massive -122F freezer that can transport 115,000 Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccine doses Tecnam has unveiled a redesigned plane to help delivery COVID vaccines  Called P2012 TravelCare, the plane features a massive freezer in the cargo area The freezer is capable of maintaining -122F … Read more

Katie Lolas shares her ultimate guide to keeping food fresher for longer in the freezer

A super organised teacher has offered her ultimate storage guide to keeping frozen meals fresher for longer in the freezer. Katie Lolas, from Sydney, has been religiously meal prepping her breakfasts, lunches and snacks every week after she developed digestive issues and IBS. In her latest Instagram post, the 35-year-old said frozen meals can taste just … Read more

Eight teens find a decomposing body inside the freezer of a ‘haunted’ home in South Carolina

‘I can still smell it’: Eight teens left traumatized after finding a decomposing body inside the freezer of a ‘haunted’ home in South Carolina The group of eight teenagers found the unidentified body at around 5.40pm Sunday at the deserted Orangeburg County home  They had been riding four-wheelers nearby when they decided to go into … Read more

Woman shares ‘game-changing’ freezer organising trick on Facebook

The ‘game changing’ freezer organising trick that will save you THOUSANDS in 2021 – and it makes the weekly grocery shop a breeze An organised mum has revealed how she saved thousands – just in the freezer She now labels food and puts it in containers so it doesn’t spill and get ruined She also … Read more

‘We’ve all cried into the freezer at least once this year’: Great British Bake Off fans praise Laura

Great British Bake Off fans praised contestant Laura Adlington during Tuesday’s final after she got emotional over the signature bake. After her eight custard slices failed to set, Laura, 31, hid her head in the freezer as she cried over the stressful challenge.  With the added pressure of creating custard in a warm tent at the … Read more

Student slams York University after finding stained mattress and freezer full of old food

Student slams poor hygiene at York University after he arrives to find a stained mattress and an iced-up freezer full of old food in his halls – saying the standard of cleanliness is ‘abhorrent’ during a pandemic  Josh Dawson, 19, shared images on his Twitter account of his new halls Horrors the undergraduate, from Peterborough, … Read more

From hope to horror: Vivid artwork by freezer killer’s victim gives glimpse into her once-happy life

Heartbreaking artwork and writings from one of the victims of freezer killer Zahid Younis has emerged showing her once happy life with her murderer. Henriett Szucs and Mihrican Mustafa – also known as Jan – were discovered in his east London flat in April 2019 and he was sentenced to life in prison with a … Read more