Ministers on the spot over why they let Britain effectively shut down the gas storage

Ministers on the spot over why they let Britain effectively shut down the gas storage needed to cope with an energy crisis UK has minuscule levels of storage compared with other nations in Europe  This means families and businesses are more reliant than ever on imports Reports suggest the UK has just seven days’ worth of … Read more

From IHT to money gifts, how to pass down wealth effectively

Sara McLeish, chief executive of Legal & General Financial Advice The coronavirus pandemic has had an enormous impact on many aspects of our lives.  The restrictions that were in place prevented many of us from seeing family outside our immediate household, putting a hold on hugs from grandparents and curbing our natural inclination to gather … Read more

Queen’s reign is ‘effectively over’ due to Covid-19, royal biographer claims

Queen’s reign is ‘effectively over’ due to Covid-19 because it’s ‘too risky’ for her to resume her job – and the virus has ‘practically put Charles on the throne’, royal biographer Andrew Morton claims Andrew Morton says it’s ‘terribly sad’ but he can’t see monarch resuming her job He claims the ‘brutal truth is that … Read more

We tested the Isolate 2 ear protectors to see how effectively they blocked distractions

Whether it’s having noisy neighbours, living on a busy road or commuting via the Tube, it seems you can’t escape noise wherever you go. So if you’re easily distracted but need to find focus, it might be a good idea to invest in a good set of noise-busting earplugs.  There are hundreds of earplugs on … Read more

Video conferencing? Experts reveal the best tips and tricks for effectively holding a meeting online

As office workers adapt to working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, video conference calls are becoming increasingly common. But if you’re dialling in from your sofa, it can be difficult to know what you should be wearing, how to act and what’s appropriate etiquette. To help people navigate these new social rules, Jonathan Grant, … Read more