Finland’s Kivijarvi Resort cabin that’s raised off the ground so guests feel detached from worries

Architects have taken the concept of a cosy cabin in the woods to new heights. This chic black-painted cabin near the Salamajarvi National Park in Finland is elevated on a single column, with the idea, say the designers, to help those inside ‘feel immediately detached from everyday worries happening on the ground’. Inside there is … Read more

Detached home prices grow three times faster than flats as Covid makes housing ladder hard to climb

The price of a detached house shot up three times faster than that of a flat in 2020, as lockdown drove buyers to seek out bigger homes with gardens. Detached homes saw their value increase by 10 per cent or £43,364 last year, with the average cost reaching £486,595 by December. This was according to … Read more

Average price for detached home increases by £24,000 since start of lockdown

The average house price for a detached home has increased by more than £24,000 since the start of lockdown, analysis has found. Research found this ‘mini-boom’ in the housing market has likely been driven by a surge in demand for spacious properties in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown, which saw Britons spend much more time … Read more

The one lesson I’ve learned from life: Joanna Trollope says remain a little detached from life 

The one lesson I’ve learned from life: Joanna Trollope says remain a little detached from life Joanna Trollope, 76, who lives in West London, has penned more than 30 novels Author said she’s detached from fretting too much about herself or others Mother-of-two claims having a little distance from worry is very peaceful  By Simon … Read more