Italian town of Teora tries to lure new residents by offering to pay their rent 

Picturesque Italian town with a dwindling population tries to lure new residents by offering to pay their rent and waive school meal fees and taxes Teora, located in the Campania region of Italy, has a population of around 1,500  Newcomers will be given 150 euros a month towards their rent for two years Or they … Read more

Blue Whale Growth Fund’s impressive returns put it in exalted company

‘The philosophy is quite straightforward; we invest into high quality businesses at attractive prices,’ says Stephen Yiu, chief investment officer of Blue Whale Capital. That superficially simple approach has paid off in spades for Yiu and the Blue Whale Growth Fund he heads, which finds itself in exalted company. Its performance since inception two-and-a-half years … Read more

Scientists create internet connected biodegradable PAPER, which collects data without e-waste 

Scientists create internet connected biodegradable PAPER, which can be used to collect data about moisture levels in soil without any toxic e-waste A team of scientists have created an thin sheet of paper they call nanopaper The nanopaper is one millimeter thick and can transmit data to the internet  It also has a moisture sensor … Read more

Laboratory monkeys are infected with a lethal coronavirus in vaccine hunt

Someone who is infected with the coronavirus can spread it with just a simple cough or a sneeze, scientists say. Nearly 3,000 people with the virus are now confirmed to have died and more than 83,000 have been infected. Here’s what we know so far: What is the coronavirus?  A coronavirus is a type of … Read more

Two men are hospitalised after having substances sprayed on them in attacks

Two men are hospitalised after having substances sprayed on them in attacks minutes apart across London Man in 40s was sprayed by an ‘unknown substance’ in Lewisham, south London Another man in his 20s was  stabbed and substance sprayed in Waltham Forest The first attack happened around 9.20pm and the second at 10.40pm tonight  By Jemma … Read more

Piers Morgan recounts his highs and lows at the Oscars

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6 I’ve flown to Los Angeles for the Oscars. Susanna Reid and I will be presenting a live three-hour Good Morning Britain special shortly after the Academy Awards end on Sunday night. LA’s a fantastic place to be when the Oscars are on, the whole town buzzing with movie stars and endless glamorous … Read more

Travel: A true oasis in the desert – Inara Camp, Morocco

You may not be surprised to find out that as a travel writer my tastes edge more towards luxury boutiques than camping. Believe me, I have tried all manner of camping variations worth writing a press release about, including the dreaded ‘glamping’ subgenre, a term derived from the combination (and indeed oxymoron in my eyes) … Read more

‘Topless Tongan’ taekwondo star who wowed crowds at last two Olympics qualifies for his third Games

‘Topless Tongan’ who wowed crowds at two summer and winter Olympics qualifies for his third Games in Tokyo Pita Taufatofua turned heads after oiling chiselled torso during past Olympics He will represent Tonga in taekwondo and potentially kayaking this year   Also hinted that he wants to try and compete in canoeing in Tokyo this year  … Read more

Satellite images reveal that 20 per cent of snow cover on an Antarctic island MELTED in just 10 days

A special issue of Nature has published a series of studies looking at how monitoring Antarctica from space is providing crucial insights into its response to a warming climate.  Here are their key findings:  Three trillion tonnes of ice has been lost from Antarctica since 1992 The Antarctic Ice Sheet lost around three trillion tonnes … Read more