Melbourne roaster creates world’s first coffee that leaves you with a minty fresh breath

Australian brand creates the world’s first coffee that gives you FRESH breath after you finish drinking the blend Melbourne roaster has developed a coffee with infused Eclipse mints Team created a milk chocolate orb which is injected with liquified mints Chocolate ball is dropped into customer’s coffee leaving them with minty breath  By Eliza Mcphee … Read more

Hamish Blake creates a Pikachu-themed cake for his son Sonny’s seventh birthday

For years, he has taken it upon himself to bake his son’s extravagant birthday cakes. And once again, Hamish Blake pulled out all the stops in a bid to make a Pikachu-themed creation for son Sonny’s seventh birthday, which took him more than seven hours to complete.  Hamish, 39, shared a series of videos and … Read more

Toy brand creates doll inspired by girl, six, with Down’s syndrome

An Irish toy brand has created a new Down’s syndrome doll inspired by a six-year-old girl to mark World Down Syndrome Day. Lottie Dolls has released a doll, called Rosie Boo, designed to resemble six-year-old Rosie Barnett, from Wiltshire, who has Down’s syndrome. The toy company’s co-founder Ian Harkin decided to create the Rosie Boo doll after … Read more

Foodie Alo Baker creates a pie WITHIN a pie – with delicious cheesy results

‘This is genius’: Inventive home cook creates a pie within a PIE – stuffing the crust with mini store-bought pastries and a chunk of cheddar cheese An Australian foodie has created a ‘pie within a pie’ stuffed with oozing cheese  Alo Baker shared a TikTok video of himself baking a party pie inside pastry He … Read more

Rubik’s cube champion creates Pop Art portraits using pieces of the 70s puzzle

Now that’s Cubism! Ukrainian Rubik’s champion who can solve the puzzle in nine seconds reveals incredible Pop Art portraits of famous faces including Leonardo DiCaprio and Elon Musk using the 70s toy Alex Ivanchak has become a social media sensation by sharing videos of himself making striking Pop Art inspired portraits of famous faces with … Read more

Australian baker Cakes by Kyla creates Caramilk cupcakes

Baker creates Caramilk CUPCAKES – stuffed with white chocolate truffle and topped with buttercream icing dipped in melted caramel Chocolate lovers are racing to buy Caramilk cupcakes from an Australian bakery  The treats were created by self-taught Gosford baker, Cakes by Kyla They’re stuffed with white choc truffle, vanilla buttercream and salted caramel The cakes … Read more

Couturier creates a 6ft 1in RuPaul cake decorated with £250,000 in diamonds

A high-end couturier and self-described ‘countess of confection’ has revealed how she was asked to create a 6ft 1in RuPaul cake decorated with £250,000 worth of diamonds for a virtual charity bash.  Debbie Wingham, who is based in the UK, designs lavish outfits, accessories, artworks and novelty gifts for wealthy clients all over the world.  … Read more

Dad creates gourmet meals for just £1 per head with discounted and own-brand supermarket products

A savvy father has revealed how he creates gourmet meals for just £1 per head with discounted and own-brand supermarket products – saving himself £346 a month.  Param. Craig, 34, from Dundee, Scotland, is a former chef, utilising his culinary skills and clever shopping habits to create delectable dishes for himself and his partner at … Read more

Surge in house prices creates another 40,000 property millionaires… in just one year 

Surge in house prices creates another 40,000 property millionaires… in just one year Soaring property prices have created almost 40,000 property millionaires  There are now 563,240 homes worth more than £1 million in Britain   Marks first time the number of million-pound properties has grown since 2015 By Lucy White City Correspondent For The Daily Mail … Read more

Stacey Solomon creates a BEACH in her bathroom after accidentally ordering a huge bag of sand

She’s known for her creative ideas and often shares her fun family activities with her four million Instagram followers.  And Stacey Solomon took things to the next level on Wednesday as she delighted her three sons – Zachary, 12, Leighton, eight, and Rex, 19 months – by turning their bathroom into a beach. The Loose … Read more