Boss of children’s clothes firm loved by Royals blasts rivals

How on earth does a business survive a countrywide lockdown if most of its income comes from shoppers wandering in off the high street and busy warehouses shipping clothes to internet customers?  That’s the brutal question facing thousands of clothing retailers, from major names such as Next to independent boutiques, as they scramble to tap … Read more

Britons told prepare for blackouts by keeping torches and warm clothes nearby in coronavirus crisis

Households are warned to prepare for BLACKOUTS by keeping torches and warm clothes nearby as energy firms battle to keep the lights on during coronavirus crisis Fears raised that sickness and self-isolation could lead to engineer shortages One infrastructure company advises customers to keep a torch nearby Firm says customers should keep warm items, including … Read more

The REAL amount of time that’s acceptable to leave wet clothes in the washing machine

Revealed: The EXACT amount of time that’s acceptable to leave wet clothes in the washing machine – before you need to clean them again Experts reveal maximum time you can leave wet clothes in the washing machine  Damp clothes can be left overnight for up to 12 hours without needing to re-wash Television personality Martha … Read more

Smokers ‘contaminate public places’ with their CLOTHES

Smokers ‘contaminate public places’ by releasing dangerous tobacco chemicals from their clothes, scientists claim.  In the first study of its kind, researchers were able to track how levels of chemicals in a movie theatre changed when smokers walked in. Toxins soared during films for adults – when smokers were present. Cinema goers were exposed to the … Read more

How Konnie Huq helps the planet: no spending money on clothes

Desperate times need desperate measures and in the kitchen of her west London home, former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq is mulling over the idea of tying herself semi-naked to a tree round the corner from her house. ‘It’s definitely something to consider,’ she laughs. ‘It would absolutely send a message.’ Just to be clear, … Read more

Ageless Konnie Huq, 44, hasn’t bought clothes for a decade

Konnie Huq has revealed she hasn’t bought clothes for a decade. The Blue Peter host, 44, appeared on Loose Women on Wednesday where she discussed her timeless looks and insisted she ‘doesn’t need’ to buy clothes as she is the same size as when she was 18. During her appearance on the show, fans were … Read more

Shocking report reveals cheap clothes often can’t be resold – and end up rotting in Africa 

On the outskirts of the Ghanaian capital Accra lies a 30ft mountain of rotting discarded clothing. Look closely at the labels and you’ll find scores of garments once worn in the UK. Among the twisted morass of cast-offs are trousers, tops and dresses from High Street stores such as H&M and M&S. For it is … Read more