Mum makes one pan gnocchi using Aldi pasta and cheese

Tonight’s dinner sorted: Mum’s VERY simple one pan gnocchi using Aldi pasta and melted cheese sets mouths watering An Australian mum has revealed her go-to crowd-pleasing single dish gnocchi  The woman showed off the mouth-watering gnocchi dish on Facebook The dish calls for capsicums, gnocchi, red onion, garlic, tomato and Parmesan By Belinda Cleary For … Read more

MasterChef’s Dani Venn shares how to make her ‘super simple’ pumpkin macaroni cheese 

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Food blogger splits opinion after sharing simply recipe for cheese and baked beans croissant

A popular food blogger had divided the internet after sharing a simple recipe for cheese and baked bean croissant. Eloise Head, 26,  from Hampshire, who has more than a million followers on her FitWaffle Instagram pages, usually shares mouthwatering recipes for sweet treats and cakes. But this week she shared a savoury snack instead, which … Read more

Derbyshire cheese maker loses 20% of its business due to Brexit

How Derbyshire Stilton dairy stopped exporting to EU because £180 paperwork is needed for each order but says US sales are booming Hartington Creamery in Derbyshire lost 20 per cent of its online business  Simon Spurrell said customers on average spend £30 on deliveries of cheese  Under post-Brexit trading rules, each EU package needs £180 … Read more

Home baker goes viral after sharing her simple four-ingredient recipe for cheese and bacon rolls

Home baker’s TikTok is viewed more than half a million times after sharing her simple four-ingredient recipe for cheese and bacon rolls An Australian home baker has revealed her simple cheese and bacon roll recipe Jen posted a demonstrative video on TikTok in February which has gone viral  The recipe only requires four ingredients – … Read more

Iowa restaurant’s FROOT LOOP pizza with cream cheese sauce, mozzarella, and cereal goes viral

An Iowa pizzeria is at the center of a massive online controversy after social media users got wind of its Froot Loops Pizza. Fong’s Pizza, a restaurant that ‘combines flavors & inspiration from the Far East & the West,’ has permanently added the unusual novelty pizza to its breakfast menu in Des Moines. It’s made … Read more

Wine: Scientists reveal why cheese goes so well with vino

We all know that food is best paired with wine to delightfully complement the flavours of a meal.  Now, French scientists have proved that the reverse is also true – fats in food interact with compounds in wine to make the drink taste better. The researchers explored how lipids – fatty molecules abundant in cheese, … Read more

‘Pregnancy test for CHEESE’ lets cheesemakers test quality earlier and more precisely

You’ve got to brie kidding me! Scientists develop a ‘pregnancy test for CHEESE’ that lets cheesemakers check the quality earlier and more precisely The cheese test relies on biomarkers, which show unique chemical components Comparing these to ripening batches indicates if the cheese is developing well  The team hopes the test could give cheese manufacturers … Read more

Fall back in love with lunch: Grilled cheese & kimchi open sandwich 

Fall back in love with lunch: Grilled cheese & kimchi open sandwich By Bill Granger Published: 00:02 GMT, 28 February 2021 | Updated: 00:02 GMT, 28 February 2021 A perfect mix of Eastern and Western flavours: bubbling cheese on toast with kimchi is a delicious update of my favourite cheddar and pickle sandwich. SERVES 4 … Read more